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USA - Mission 1 'Operation: Final Justice'

The troops are assembled on the outskirts of Baghdad. We know the GLA has SCUD launchers and are prepared to use them. Liberate the city and destroy the SCUD launchers. This mission will give you the basics on US units.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Liberate Baghdad.
  • Objective 2: Destroy SCUD Storm.

The pre-mission video shows Iraqi err GLA forces shooting down a US Raptor, only to be decimated by American air and armor. (Let's hope the real thing will be that easy).

The first thing you'll want to do is to upgrade all your vehicles to get Battle Drones. Battle drones are one of the most useful upgrades in the game, and not only heal your units but provide them some anti-infantry capability. There will be another line of Scorpions at the gates of Baghdad. Destroy them but don't go in the city just yet. Send in one Humvee and a video will be triggered. The GLA Scud Storm buries part of Baghdad in green clouds of anthrax. Anthrax will damage vehicles and kill infantry outright, so it's best to wait for it to dissipate before moving on.

In the meantime, go to the General's Experience Menu and pick the Spy Drone upgrade. Go back to your base and round up the infantry that are just standing around. The GLA doesn't attack your base this mission, so they are useless there. Either send your Spy Drone or use your Spy Satellite to highlight the oil derricks to the southwest of the anthrax clouds. Load them into nearby Humvees and send one to the oil derricks. They will occupy the derricks (giving you more money) when you research the Capture Building upgrade at the Barracks. Also, above the derricks are some U.N. crates filled with money. Get them if you want, but they aren't necessary to win the mission.

Move your Humvee a little farther up and you should see some enemy occupied civilian buildings. Two choppers with rangers should show up and clear them out. Send the main body of your force up over the bridge and clear out the palace area. Be careful of the towers surround the bridges; if they fall, they can kill several of your units. Send another Humvee full of troops to liberate the pilots to the northeast of the palace. Above the palace are two more occupied buildings, and two helicopters full of infantry show up. Combat Drop the helicopters, and the rangers will clear out those buildings as well. Immediately send the bulk of your armor up to reinforce those buildings, as GLA tanks at the top of the hill start attacking the rangers.

Once the tanks are cleared out, send your army up the hill. Again, send one Humvee west and you should see a line of Scorpions. A bomber will show up and use a Fuel Air Bomb to destroy the Scorpions. Once they're gone, send you armor up and clear out the GLA base. Be careful of the Stinger Site near the SCUD Storm, as its missiles will tear through your armor.

Although clearing Baghdad might make you feel important, the only real objective needed to end the mission is to destroy the SCUD Storm. For those of you who are slightly more daring, build some Chinooks and load them up with armor and troops. Then unload them in the grove of trees next to the SCUD launcher. From there, you can either capture (once the SCUD Storm has counted down) or destroy the SCUD Storm and end the mission quickly.




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