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USA - Mission 2 'Operation: Treasure Hunt'

While on the trail of some GLA leaders, three Comanche helicopters were brought down. Your job is to rescue the pilots.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Rescue the 3 captured pilots.

In a scene reminiscent of Black Hawk down, the pre-mission video shows the helicopters succumbing to enemy SAMs. Although the last two helicopters should have been more careful when they saw their buddy go down in flames, its up to you to pull their chestnuts out of the fire.

However, you need to protect your base before you can go rescue anyone. Build some more Patriot sites on the north and west perimeter of your base, and station a Humvee up north. Research Capture Building and take the oil derricks above your base (Remember only Rangers can capture buildings). You should also build a War Factory to repair your Construction Dozer and to build vehicles. Now that you're properly defended, send your forces west and capture the hospital. Your infantry will automatically heal themselves, which will definitely come in handy later on in the mission. The pilot (represented as a red dot on the map) is guarded by an angry mob, so send some Rangers and Colonel Burton to occupy the civilian building across the street. Clear out the Stinger Site nearby and the enemy occupied building next to it.

By now you should be at or near your third star, which allows you to build Pathfinders. Pathfinders are one of the best American units of the game. They can kill infantry in one shot, and are stealth units to boot. As soon as you can, build some and send them with your forces. Get the pilot back to your base. Although you can have him pilot your units (automatically making them full veterans), its best to leave them back at your base for reasons you'll see later.

Now move on to your next pilot. The best way to do this is to build some Pathfinders, load them into Humvees, and send them with a group of armor directly to the pilot. Attack Move is your best friend here, and will avoid your units getting picked off without your constant micromanaging. Get the pilot back to your base ASAP. The final pilot is being held to the east in a large GLA held base. A frontal assault is very expensive in terms of men and tanks, and you'll need those units to help hold the line when the last pilot gets rescued. Load up a Chinook with 2 Pathfinders and 5 Missile Defenders (leaving one spot open), and send it southeast of the enemy base. The GLA base is fenced in, but there is a small area on the plateau outside the fenced area you can land safely.

A Technical should get nosy and bust through the gate to get to your forces. Your Missile Defenders should easily take out the Technical, which has foolishly made you a backdoor into the base. Occupy the bunker and destroy the Arms Dealer to prevent the GLA from reinforcing. Once its gone, have the Pathfinders shoot the guys in the Stinger Site. Without the guys, the Site is defenseless, and should fall easily to the Missile Defenders. Occupy the bunker nearest the gate and your forces will dispatch the troops at the entrance. With everyone gone, just move a Pathfinder up to take out the remaining guards. With the pilot freed, have everyone pile into the Chinook and head back to base. GLA forces will try and swarm your base, but your armor should hold them off long enough for the Chinook to reach your base. With all the pilots in your base, the mission ends.

Weirdly enough, Washington only cares that the pilots are freed, not that they survive. I once tried a disastrous air assault to free the second pilot, which ended up killing him in the process. Although the counter still said 2 pilots remaining, I picked up the last pilot, brought him back to base, and ended the mission.




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