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USA - Mission 3 'Operation: Guardian Angel'

American forces are in full retreat as the GLA moves in for the kill. You must provide these forces cover while they withdraw. This is one of the most fun U.S. missions in the game.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Save 100 US units.

Although protecting the convoys is your main objective, you will need to pay attention to base defense first. Some of the GLA forces will break off and attack your base, and without proper defenses they can cause serious trouble. The best way to do both is to build Patriot Missile sites near the beginning of the western entrance of your base near the canyon. Also, having a line of sites going across the canyon will create an upside down L shaped line of Patriot sites. On this line you should put your helicopters and tanks. This will provide both cover for US forces and protect your base. On the eastern entrance to your base, build 2 Patriot sites to take out any GLA stragglers that get past your main force.

In order to create such elaborate defenses, you will need lots of cash. Send a Construction Dozer and a Ranger in a Chinook to the southern part of the map. Have the Ranger capture the oil derricks and have the Dozer create a second Supply Depot near the Supply Dock. Also, power plants can be constructed in this southern area without fear of attack.

After your defenses are set up, just sit back and watch the fireworks. Continue to build more Comanches to reinforce the line and replace any that get destroyed (later GLA hoards sport AA guns, so make sure to target them first. After saving 100 units, the GLA will make one final push to destroy your base. Survive, and the mission ends.




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