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USA - Mission 5 'Operation: Blue Eagle'

The U.N. has brokered a temporary cease-fire while diplomats hold meetings with GLA leaders. Although the U.N. seems to think peace is near, we don't trust the GLA. Your job is to protect the U.N. delegates from harm.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy GLA base before it can get operational.
  • Objective 2: Destroy main GLA base.

Well, as you may have already guessed, things went horribly awry. The pre- mission video shows the U.S. hunting down the strike force that killed the U.N. diplomat. They even throw in a cool Matrix moment by panning around the explosion. With the GLA surrounded, the U.S. forces demand they surrender. But the same group that uses suicide bombers and anthrax doesn't go down easily, and they go out in a hail of gunfire.

This mission can either be incredibly hard or incredibly easy, depending on when you destroy the GLA base. Good General's Promotions for this level are the Spy Drone, A10 Strike (upgraded), and Pathfinders. Build a Pathfinder and send it with your tanks and Comanches towards the GLA base. Across the bridge are two Tunnel Networks and a bunch of vehicles. The Comanches and the A10 Strike, backed up with your tanks, will make short work of the defenders. When you get to the GLA base being built, have the Pathfinder kill the men in the Stinger Site and move in. DO NOT DESTROY THE COMMAND CENTER. This is vital. Leave it alone you'll see why in a second.

Build a second Construction Dozer and move it to your forces across the river. Start building a second base over there (build a line of Patriots on the northern perimeter of your new base). On the other side of your river (where your original base is), capture the Hospital and build a Strategy Center, Detention Camp, and Airfield. When you feel you are ready, move your forces away from the bridge and destroy the Command Center. Destroying the Command Center will trigger a video showing the GLA blowing up a dam upstream. The ensuing tidal wave wipes out the village and the bridge. Your forces on the other side are now cut off from your main base, and the main GLA base is to the north (aren't you glad you built the Patriots now?)

Build some Pathfinders to take out any suicide bombers or other infantry the GLA might throw your way. Your Patriots should be able to take out any armor. Now you can begin worrying about an offensive. A frontal assault can be very expensive, since the GLA holds the high ground and has mined the main entrances to the base. In the far eastern part of the map is a lone Tunnel Network. Take it out and you have a clear shot to the oil derricks up north. Load up a Humvee with some Rangers and occupy the derricks and the oil refinery. The GLA will probably start the SCUD Storm countdown by now, so it should be your next target. Send your Pathfinder up and have him shoot at the Stinger Sites surrounding the SCUD Storm, while the Comanches go in and clean up. Stinger Sties are a good place to use your A10 Strike. From here you can destroy the SCUD Storm, but why not capture it instead? Continue clearing out the structures to your west, while your air units take out the defenders on the hills. Once you crack the base, you shouldn't expect any more serious opposition.

Bart-Jan Gort describes the following technique for taking out the enemy base: "Walk with C. Burton to the GLA buildings going over the north mountains (he can climb over mountains so he wont have to take the main route and be detected). Plant bombs, no one will fire at you. Now walk south and bomb the [SCUD Storm]. An [A-10 Strike] will kill the command center in no time. "

Russell Silva offers a slightly different take on the mission: "A quick Pathfinder drop, aided by the two Comanches you start with, can quickly cripple the GLA if micro-managed properly. Use your Pathfinders to take out Stinger Sites and Rocket Troopers, and your Comanches to take out buildings and vehicles. Do be careful, as soon as you attack the GLA will counterattack across the bridge, but stopping them is trivial. Use Marines with the Capture upgrade to capture the GLA supply stash, leave the GLA Command Center untouched, and destroy everything else. Use the GLA Supply Stash to build workers and notice that you can now build anything GLA--including Black Markets and Scud Storms! Tech up to Black Markets and build as many as you can on the left side of the river, add Scud Storms if you like. After that, you can do whatever you like--with lots of Black Markets, you have an unlimited supply of cash."




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