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USA - Mission 6 'Operation: Desperate Union'

A rogue Chinese general has teamed up with the GLA and has reinforced their base. The Chinese state this general's actions are not supported by their government, and have authorized us to take him out.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy Chinese Command Center.
  • Objective 2: Destroy Chinese Missile Silo.
  • Objective 3: Destroy GLA forces to the east.

The pre-mission video shows off the awesome power of the Particle Cannon. Although its blast radius is small, it will devastate anything the beam touches. You can even move it around to hit different targets.

As always, defense is your first priority. Start up your base and send your Crusaders and Col. Burton to the north. Destroy the car bomb waiting in the trees. Send a Dozer over to build 2 Patriot batteries, and send up a Pathfinder when you have the chance. The other place to reinforce is the bridge. Build another Patriot battery near the bridge and send over a Pathfinder. You will rarely be attacked, and this should be enough to hold off any half-hearted attacks they throw at you.

Your next priority will be to get more supplies. Send a small force of a Crusader with the Rangers down to secure the supply dock, then send a Dozer down to build the Supply Depot. Build 2 Patriot batteries at the bottom of the screen, where the road begins. Although they may seem useless now, they will be very important later. In the meantime, you should also be using your A10 Strikes to neutralize any Stinger Sites you see.

The Chinese forces are more dangerous than the GLA, so concentrate your units to the south. A combination of Crusaders and Tomahawks, backed up with a Pathfinder or two, will allow you to clear out the Tunnel Networks and occupied buildings without having to waste you A10 Strikes on them. Eventually, you will spot the Command Center and Nuclear Missile Silo. At this point, Chinese reinforcements will come out of the north (in the little canyon near where you built your Patriot batteries) and to the south (on the road in the town). Your defenses should hold them off long enough for you to send some units to assist them. In the meantime, the Nuclear Missile will be counting down. Lucky for you, the Chinese foolishly left 4 nuclear reactors in a line right next to each other. Use your Particle Cannon to take them all out, which should pull the plug on the countdown. If that doesn't work, you may have to quickly destroy or capture the silo to prevent the Chinese from launching the nuke. With the immediate threat removed, destroy/capture the Command Center to complete the Chinese objectives.

Now on to the GLA base. If you have been taking out the Stinger Sites around the map, this should be a piece of cake. Drop a Fuel Air Bomb or an A10 Strike on the two Overlords near the GLA Command Center, and clear out the nearby vehicles. The area should be safe for you to Paradrop Rangers and send in armor via Chinooks. The Black Market, Command Center, and Palace are your primary targets. Destroy them, and the mission ends.




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