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USA - Mission 7 'Operation: Last Call'

This is it the GLA's last stand. Be warned that they have biological weapons no reason not to use them.

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Secure the capital.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all GLA forces in the area.

The pre-mission video focuses on a group of Rangers assigned to laser-designate some SCUD Launchers being brought into the city. After the Launchers go up in flames, the team narrowly escapes a barrage of missiles on their position.

For the final mission, this one is relatively easy. Send a few Rangers south and you'll see an abandoned Chinese base. Capture the structures and start to mine the supply pile. Move your forces west and you will see a mountain range with two passes through it. Build some Patriot sites around the entrances of the passes and station Pathfinders nearby to pick off infantry. Two Patriots per mountain pass should provide enough protection for you. You should also begin attacking the wall with A10 Strikes and Fuel Bombs. Target the archways since these are always crammed full of infantry.

While you are building up your base, make sure to build a couple of Supply Drop Zones. You'll need a lot of cash to beat this mission and will quickly tap out the supplies at your base. On the Chinese side, begin building Overlords and a Nuke Silo.

In the meantime, the SCUD Storm will probably start counting down. You have 8 minutes until it launches, and with luck this will be enough time to stop it. Concentrate your attacks on Stinger Sites, particularly near the SCUD Storm. Once they are cleared out, you can Paradrop Rangers behind the SCUD Storm and try to capture it. As a last resort, four Aurora bombers and an A10 attack will take care of a SCUD Storm, but it will cost you about 10000 credits to do so.

Without the threat of the SCUD Storm, you can either take your time and smash the GLA at your leisure, or go ahead and end it sooner. Make good use of your Spy Drones, as the GLA has laced the city with mines. Also, if you need cash there are several oil derricks in the northern part of the city. Once you destroy the initial defenses, there is nothing stopping you from easily taking the rest of the city. Most of the unit producing structures are towards the front of the city, so taking them out will break the back of the GLA army. Overlords backed with Tomahawks will clear out occupied buildings with ease, and should present little difficulty.

The final video shows a crowd of Americans cheering as the President addresses the crowd. The shot pans up to show the U.S. flag, which is promptly covered up by Mission Complete screen.

Andrew Merryman offers the following advice when dealing with the wall in front of the capital:
"In the last U.S. mission, you refer to the GLA wall garrisoned with infantry and say to take it out with fuel bombs and a10 strikes. There is an easier and much quicker way to clear the buildings. Just research flashbang and send a couple rangers to flashband the indivdual sections of the wall. this is a lot cheaper and less expensive. Also, along with the two patriot missle defense system, it would be a good idea to reinforce the missles and snipers with a couple of tanks, in case they attack with scorpions and/or marauders."

Bart-Jan Gort strikes again with a similar method of clearing the level:
"Research the capture building first, then the flash bangs. Capture the base. A flash bang instantly kills all units in a building. The 3 rangers are enough to clear the entire bridge. Max the [A-10 Strike] and launch it on the scud storm after the game started 30 secs. 1 or 2 planes will survive the defense. Now you can kill the SCUD when it's still being [built]. Now you don't have to worry about the scud and the bridge."

Josh Fennema prefers the direct route when dealing with the pesky GLA:
"Build 1 or 2 Overlords with bunkers and fill them with pathfinders. In mission 7, you will empty the wall of defenders so quickly that you'll probably miss it. I took out the GLA with 6 overlords - 2 with towers, 2 with rocket infantry filled bunkers and 2 with pathfinder filled bunkers. The pathfinders not only empty the wall sections, but also empty stinger sites while the overlords pummel them."




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