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Allies - Mission 10

Deploy the MCV in the protected area to the east. Scout with your light tanks and run away from superior forces. The enemy armor is too strong for you to defeat, so don't plan on too many tank battles. Build a tech center to see where everything is. Observe the enemy ore trucks, and mine what ore deposits you can. If the ore trucks are gathering ore from a field behind enemy lines, build five helipads and go after those ore trucks. It will take two sorties to destroy each truck.

Without ore trucks, the enemy will leave you be. Concentrate on gathering ore and building a massive horde of medium tanks. Pick off what units you can from the air. The enemy infantry is only an annoyance, and annoyances are quickly cleared with a couple pillboxes. Build rocket infantry for air defense, and place two AA guns in the northern part of your base.

Focus your fire on the nearby Tesla coils before attacking the tanks. When you've destroyed a large portion of the base, Stalin will launch the missiles. Run a group of engineers up to the control center in an APC and capture it.




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