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Allies - Mission 14

Your top units are Group A, and your bottom units are Group B. Move Group A engineers to the control panel to destroy a flame turret. Move Group B to the east, and kill everyone there. Move Group B further east, and use the control panel to destroy the northern turret.

Move Group A east past the tanks. If you have trouble killing the enemy infantry, remember to group your riflemen in groups of five. Follow the riflemen with the medic, and heal the soldiers while they fight. Let the enemy come to you; riflemen can't shoot on the move. Go north through the passageway; the first generator is here. Head back out and east, where there's another turret control panel to disable.

Backtrack a bit with Group B, and advance south. There's a grenadier at the generator controls. Rush him with rifle infantry. When your engineer sets a charge on the generator, you'll get some more rifle infantry as reinforcements. Move Group B east until you hit another room with a generator. Set a charge on this one, and continue east until you reach big room with flame turrets and several control panels.

The center control panel takes out the north-west turret. The north- west panel takes out the center turret. With good timing, you can send a single engineer to do both of these without getting hurt. The south-west panel is a generator, but you can't get to it safely just yet. Instead, move Group B up to Group A, and make a new team consisting of five rifle infantry, two doctors, and one engineer.

Move the team east to another generator, then south and west. You'll be back at the central hub. Kill all the infantry now that you have two medics helping out with the healing. Head south. A very small computer is in the west wall. Place an engineer here to activate the turret control. Head west from the V2 room, and kill the flame thrower and the dog by shooting the barrels. Two control panels on the wall disable turrets, and the one in the room to the west itself is another generator.

There are two generators left in the central hub. Disable both of them. If the flame turrets are still up, don't worry. The engineers will get to the control panels before dying. Take the lower right passage. Move all your units inside. Move your spy into the room with all the units. Something strange will happen! All the bad guys will ignore your men and run out of the room! Move your engineers east, and reprogram the last generator computer.




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