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Allies - Mission 4

This mission takes place on the same map as your second mission, and you'll start out with whatever units and structures you had leftover from that mission.

Constructing a radar dome will give you a better picture of what's going on. Put up a weapons factory. You're going to churn out at least a dozen light tanks. There's a pass up north you should mine heavily. The enemy has air support. If you place rocket infantry to the north-west of the buildings they are strafing, you'll take them down.

Send you horde of light tanks to the top of the screen where the Soviet's are gather ore. If you can take out the ore truck with shots fired from below the plateau, do so. If not, you'll have to swing around the corner, past their base and get right into their ore deposit to take out that ore truck. If you don't kill this ore truck, the Soviets will keep throwing their armor at you.

You've got a dozen tanks in this field of ore. After the ore truck is dead, shoot at the attacking tanks using the focused fire tactic, and squish the infantrymen. Then destroy the refinery, and the flame turrets. Send your jeeps up to the enemy base to help kill the infantry.
Enemy resistance from this point on is minimal, and you won't have difficulty mopping up.




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