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Allies - Mission 5

To get the spy past the guard dogs, you need patience. The patrols will change position every so often, and you'll need to observe them for a minute before you make your move. Get the spy into the weapons factory, and you'll hijack a truck. The truck will drop you off by the prison compound.

Get the spy into the prison to release Tanya. Tanya has to take out all the SAM sites before her rescue chopper can come in. Take out the two SAM sites on the peninsula, then run upwards into the base compound. Kill the soldiers who are in your way. While you're in the base compound, demolish the airfields and shoot any barrels you find. When all four SAM sites are gone, the chopper will pick Tanya up.

You'll get some reinforcements at the top of the map. You want to use your engineers to capture the construction yard, weapons factory, and barracks. Remember that engineers can only capture buildings that are down to 25 percent health. Once you have a refinery going, crank out some tanks. Wait until you've built up enough tanks to deal with the enemy's reinforcements before you attack the enemy ore truck, but don't wait too long.

Construct V2 rocket launchers to take out enemy base defenses from a safe distance. Allowed to pass unmolested, your tanks will wreck havoc upon the enemy. Kill everyone and everything. The mission won't end if you let anyone live.




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