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Allies - Mission 9

Build the base by the ore deposit to the east. Build fifteen rocket infantry, and place them in groups of five by the north shore. Build light tanks, and block the beaches the enemy uses for its invasion attempts.

Put a spy and an APC into a transport, and carry the them to the top- right corner of the screen. Land the spy on the beach, and move him across the bridge, into the enemy base. Once there, inter the headquarters building, and free the defector, Kosygin.

A bunch of dogs will appear. Keep Kosygin north of the headquarters building for now, and wait for all the dogs to "settle". Land the APC, and command it to run over the dog that parked itself by the top Tesla coil. With the dog gone, Kosygin can safely pass by the buildings, run over the bridge, and get to the transport. Your mission ends once you transport him back to your base.




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