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Soviet - Mission 11

Make landfall slight to the north-west of your starting position. Build a refinery and weapons factory right away. You need some heavy tanks for protection. Move your subs east. From time to time, a cruiser will pop up in the eastern sea, and the subs will take it out. Use your leftover transport to scout the contours of your island. If you don't stop, you can map out almost all of the islands despite the massive Allied naval power.

When you have four heavy tanks, send one of them east to scout past the bridges. In the ore fields north of the bridge is a minelayer that you should destroy quickly. Some enemy tanks will invade your beach, but the three heavy tanks you left behind can contain them without any problem.

To safely cross the bridges without getting them blown to hell, you need to destroy the cruiser in the east. This can only be done with airpower. Three MiGs will kill the cruiser in a short period of time.

Build two subpens. Place one past your north shore, and the other one past your south. Create a wolfpack of five or six submarines in the north, and replace any subs you lose in the south. Destroy the Allied sea power in the channel, culminating in the destruction of their shipyard in the bay.

There is a crate worth 2000 credits on the island in the north-west. You can drop some paratroopers to get it if you need it, but because you need to get rid of the enemy navy, you might as well destroy their northern fleet with your submarine pack. Any enemy transports you see can be destroyed by your MiGs.

Use a combination of helicopters and MiGs to kill the enemy defenses around the only approachable beach head. The pass is heavily mined, so destroy them with helicopters by firing at random squares. Begin destroying AA-guns, starting from the west. Three MiGs will destroy one gun emplacement without losing aircraft. With the gun emplacements gone, strafe the rocket infantry with your Hind helicopters, then knock out their power stations. Destroy whatever you can from the air.

Land some heavy tanks. The bridge may blow up. Route your units through the narrow gap east to avoid the heavy minefield in the west pass. Destroy all units and buildings. If your mission doesn't end after you've destroyed everything in sight, you missed some of those camouflaged pillboxes hidden behind clumps of trees.




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