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Soviet - Mission 13

Destroy the enemy tanks. Deploy the MCV. Build a refinery, barracks, weapons factory, and repair bay. Train some grenadiers for base defense. Build three heavy tanks, and move your tank units south through the ravine. Destroy the tanks and artillery, and continue until you've gone to the very end. Turn back. Build another refinery.

Construct a subpen and make enough subs to destroy the Allied ships in the bay farthest south. Send a transport full of heavy tanks right up the bay, and destroy the radar dome and the power plants, including those on the top of the cliffs.

Charge the enemy camp with six or seven tanks, with the aim of destroying the center radar dome. Drop paratroopers nearby to assist. Curve your tanks northward and remove another radar dome.

Construct a new armor column. The enemy will have run out of nearby ore, and will send the ore trucks farther north. Destroy the trucks with some tanks, and then destroy the enemy's weapon factory. If you don't, you'll be up to your ears in enemy tanks and artillery.

Send ten tanks all the wa*y north, and then west. Cross the bridge and do not stop for anything! Carry on south through the enemy camp, past the ore fields. There is one more radar dome you need to take out. Do it.

The chronosphere is south of those cliffs. Don't send a spy plane over there, however, because the Allied units will try to destroy the chronosphere. Make a large group of tanks to clean a path for your engineers, and capture the chronosphere.

When I did this, I heard EVA say, "Objective reached." A split second later, our mission failed. I don't know if this is a bug, but there's another way to complete the mission. Instead of capturing the chronosphere, capture the barracks to the north-west of it. Build a large group of rocket infantry and destroy the helicopters that attack the chronosphere.

Keep some tanks and infantry down there to keep the chronosphere safe. Systematically destroy every Allied vehicle, structure, infantryman, and ship. Regardless of your originally assigned mission, you'll see the words "Mission Successful" when the last Allied unit is killed.




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