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Soviet - Mission 2

Shoot the stacks of barrels by the bridge. Build a refinery, aircraft, power plant, and barracks. Send one man to scout up north. It's okay if he gets killed by the jeep. Strafe the jeep with both aircraft. You'll notice that a rocket infantryman shoots at you. Next time you're up there, strafe him, too.

Gather all your rifle infantry and organize them into two groups of equal size. Move south past the river crossing, and head past the ore deposits to the west. Always keep the two groups next to each other for defense. Inch your way one square at a time until you begin combat with the enemy.

If a jeep appear mixed with the infantry, kill the rifle infantry first, the jeep second, and any rocket infantry last. The enemy ore truck will show up. Destroy it with concentrated rifle infantry fire.

With the ore truck gone, the enemy won't have enough cash reserves to put up much of a fight. The turrets are best destroyed with concentrated rifle fire. The Yak aircraft is good for lightly armored buildings such as power plants and construction yards.




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