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Soviet - Mission 6

Retreat to the west, and set up your base at the far edge of the map. Several waves of enemy rocket infantry and light tanks will attack. Counter them with rifle infantry and five or six heavy tanks.

Send an APC into the base in the north to scout a little bit. Try to find the refinery. Build three airstrips, and make two strafing runs on the refinery to destroy it. Build three V2 launchers to remove enemy fortifications, and let your tanks and your infantry deal with the other enemy units. Capture the weapons factory and build another repair bay by it. Repair your tanks before fighting your way east.

Cruisers will open fire on you as you reach the main island in the east. That's okay. Concentrate on getting rid of the tanks on the island. Move the convoy trucks through the path you cleared. Your mission ends when you get them on the island.




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