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Allies - Mission 1 'Operation Lone Guardian'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy the Soviet Dreadnought Fleet.
  • Objective 2: Make contact with Fort Bradley.
  • Objective 3: Keep Tanya alive.

Pre-amble: Notice how it says nothing about destroying the Soviet base, but you have to! You don't have to destroy the dreadnoughts, but it is fun and takes only a few seconds. Don't bother hanging around to kill any Soviet conscripts, the GI's will kill them.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: Want Tanya to blow up a Sentry Gun, but don't want her to get shot? Get a Chrono Miner to sit in front of the gun first, the Sentry Gun will start pumping away at the miner, meanwhile Tanya sneaks up and wastes it.

Fun Stuff: None of this is entirely necessary, but you bought the game to have fun! A few more hints then. There are lots of crates. Get Tanya to get them all, and she is faster, heavily armored, with up-rated firepower. Where are these crates? Look on jetties and in parking lots. Well, after Tanya has sunk the Dreadnoughts, she is already Elite (3 stripes).

Hint 1: As she passes the deployed GI's at the rapidly decaying Statue of Liberty, she gets control of them. Once the parachutists have been shot, un-deploy the GI's. Take them North West across the harbor and up to the road junction. Go right (North East). Take out any Soviet conscripts and arrive at the McBurger Kong. Garrison both the McBurger Kong and the Gas Station. No more paratroopers will survive a landing in that parking lot!

Hint 2: Take a GI East from the McBurger Kong parking lot to discover 3 elite Grizzlies. They're all yours commander. In fact, you don't need Tanya at all now, as the Grizzlies chew up the Soviet base, they will all get Veteran status

Hint 3: As Tanya is going across the walkway in the harbor, from the Statue of Liberty in a North West direction, jump her in the water to her left and swim round the buildings to a small jetty. As she steps on to the jetty, four crates appear. Head her due North for more crates in a parking lot with a stretch limo, then East for another. Two more crates are in the enemy base, behind the warehouse. By now Tanya must be as strong as a tank. Funny, she doesn't look like she's doing steroids or PCP, just silicon.

Comments on the Map/Mission: None

Building/unit construction order: You only need to build a Barracks and an Engineer, do this as close as you can to the bridge that needs repair. This bridge is located on the South corner of the Fort Bradley base.

Attack Strategy: Take out the dreadnoughts (why not?). Run across Liberty Island, don't hang around, to the North West off ramp, across this to the road junction, where some defending GI's will be dug in. Run past them along the road to the North East. Ignore the attacking Soviet Conscripts, but take out the one on patrol just ahead. Turn right (heading South East) by the McBurger Kong. Ignore the landing paratroopers, the pill boxes at Fort Bradley will take care of them. Also ignore the Soviet conscripts on the other side of the parking lot.

Head down the road and into Fort Bradley. Now you can build your Barracks and Engineer. Move Tanya and the Chrono Miner on to the bridge, past the barrier. This saves time waiting for the barrier to raise after you repair the bridge with the Engineer. Move Tanya forward and take out the conscripts and barrels at the road junction. Move the Chrono Miner in front of the 2 Sentry Guns. Now Tanya can take out any other nearby conscripts whilst the Chrono Miner distracts the Sentry Guns. The Chrono Miner is well enough armored to withstand this. Take out the barrels around the Sentry Guns, and any guarding conscripts. Now take out the Sentry Guns.

Now blitz through the base working roughly from North East to South West. Ignore barrels, pipes, missiles and V3 launchers.
Short work and congratulations. Tanya (played by sultry Kari Wuhrer) is impressed :).




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