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Allies - Mission 10 'Operation Mirage'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Ensure the safety of Professor Einstein's Laboratory.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all Soviet forces.

Pre-amble: Taking a look at the objectives, they should be the other way around. If you destroy all Soviet forces, you will ensure the safety of Professor Einstein's Laboratory.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: I know I've said this before, and it just proves I'm right. If you have a base, and they don't - hit them hard and fast, before they can build anything.

Comments on the Map/Mission: Concentrate on destroying the Soviets - if they're dead, they can't bother Einstein, can they?

Game Play: You don't need to build any buildings or even deploy your MCV (although if you do, then sell it, you get more money). As soon as you get control, start building Grizzly tanks - lots of them. The first two send to the South East of your base. Rally all others to the North West of your base, and move the Mirage tanks there too. Move your existing tanks to the South East too. Send this team (#1) due East.

At the front of your base (North East side) are 2 Rocketeers. Get these airborne (make them Team #3) and guard the ridge to the North East of your base. Now you are ready to defend. Team all the defending tanks (#2) for easier control. You've got a moment or two to prepare, so look at your radar. There are 3 allied bases to the North East. Click on each one in turn and bookmark them F1, F2 and F3. Mark the one to the South as F1 (that will be your first target), the one to the North East as F2 (your second target) and the one to the North West as F3 (your last target).

The first attack will come from the North, use the tanks as a team. Then from the North East, same again, but use the Rocketeers to take out the V3's. Then from the East. Let the pill boxes and Prism Towers take out infantry. Leave the Rocketeers to take out any remaining V3's. After you've taken out the tanks, get ready to attack.

Your force (team #1) is South of the first target. Focus your map on the first target by pressing F1. It is shrouded, but you know they are there. Select the tank team by pressing their team number (1) and send it to the middle of the first target map. When you get there, there should only be a Construction Yard plus a few other buildings. Destroy the yard and they sell up. Your tanks should head immediately to the F2 bookmark map. Don't hang back to fight, let them chase after you.

At the second map, do the same thing - make sure the Barracks (if built yet) is also destroyed after the construction yard. They sell up again. Head off to the last bookmark. Take out the Construction Yard, War Factory and Barracks and they sell up again. Now take out any infantry, then the Ore Miners.

Hopefully, the Soviet's thrust into Germany has been dealt a severe blow. They didn't even get chance to receive Apocalypse Tank reinforcements or attack Einstein. Well done!




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