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Allies - Mission 11 'Fallout'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Build a Chronosphere.
  • Objective 2: Neutralize the Soviet nuclear threat on Cuba.

Pre-amble: You don't have to destroy the Soviets, just destroy the Nuclear Silo's. But it sure is fun taking the lot out!

Revision Notes: My first thought was to build a defensive base using Prism Towers, defend the base and then go turtle (sit behind the defenses) and rely on air power. The trouble is, you waste so much money and time getting 12 Harriers, and replacements for those you lose. All in all about 18 minutes. So I wondered a bit, can you take out their main attack route, the bridges? They don't bring engineers with them in their attacks to repair the bridges, but then they parachuted engineers in - wouldn't that be cool for multiplayer? Any way, here's my second hit at this mission, which seems to give most players a headache.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: In this game, both sides have built bases and so you have to rely on the Allied strengths: you can get Navy Seals (effectively male versions of Tanya with a machine gun) and Prism Tanks. The Soviets have better sea forces, so avoid a sea borne battle. Also, the Soviet base is very well stocked with Apocalypse tanks and Terror Drones - a land offensive has to be massive and deadly. Ever been hit with a Prism Tank (supported by Grizzlies) rush in Multiplayer? Well, you're going to do just that.

Comments on the Map/Mission: This mission has many features similar to Mission 5, Dark Night. The southern part of the map is revealed only when you build the Chronosphere, or if you waste too much time doing so! For the first part of the game, you are teching up to the Chronosphere and getting ready to attack. Some structures it is not economic to defend, so these need to be sold. Your base is accessed by bridges, blowing these up is not helpful in itself, because the Soviets bring engineers by parachute. What you can do is shoot the engineers as they arrive, getting cheap promotions!
You sit listening to Eva telling you about the Squids and Dolphins (sounds like one of those talks parents give their kids, maybe Westwood will bring in Killer Birds and Bees next time)! Get ready to start as soon as your mouse cursor works - it isn't obvious and you can be left sitting wondering when to start.

Phase 1 - The Defense and Construction: [The order given is when you start the building. Each will complete in different times and therefore in a different order. The space on your base is tight, so don't leave gaps.]
Start by building a War Factory, a Navy Seal and 3 Amphibious Transports.

Rally (click the building then click where you want them to go) the Amphibious Transports on to the island (near the Air Force CHQ) - leaving them to default to the sea makes them vulnerable to Squid attack. Rally the Barracks to the Bridge to the East.

Sell the Ore Refinery and Pill Box on the mainland to the North. Chrono (click on the miner then move your mouse to an Ore Refinery entrance, the cursor goes 3 gold chevrons, and click again) the Chrono Miner back to your base, then make sure it mines the nearby ore fields, rather than head back North! Garrison the GI in any nearby building (he will give a good account of himself before dying).

Move the Naval units into the inlet East of the Naval Yard and then gather 10 of the GI's in the base and garrison the Easternmost hotel on your island.

The Navy Seal needs to go across the bridge.

Place the War Factory as soon as it is built and start building a Battle Lab. Build 4 Grizzly Tanks and put these in an Amphibious Transport (send this to the small island to your West).

By now the Seal will be across the bridge, go North across the island to the start of the next bridge and blow the bridge up. To do this, force fire the Seal on the bridge hut by selecting the Seal, hold down the Control key and click on the hut. The bridge blows up. Move him South East and put him on guard - he will kill the engineers as they parachute in.
You should have the 3 transports by now, sell the Naval Yard when you have them.

[Keep an eye open for desolators parachuting in on your side of the concrete bridge. Send a few Prism tanks to kill them. Otherwise, in the end, they will wander too close to the pill box and die.]

8 Prism Tanks - rally these near the transports and board them.

When the Battle Lab is built, start building the Chronosphere (on the Armory Production tab) and a Power Plant.
[You should be about ready to build the Chronosphere. The Soviets get a little upset! The second part of the map is revealed.]

Finally, a Spy Satellite (also on the Armory Production Tab). Send the Transport with the Grizzlies in South to Cuba. Try to land to the North West of the Nuclear Silo base. These tanks should attack the South Western wall of the Soviet base, next to the Nuclear Reactor. Watch out for Terror Drones! When the wall is down, shoot out the barrels and retreat! Use the Grizzlies to make a nuisance, try to kill any Apocalypse Tanks around.

Attack Strategy: Wait for your Chronosphere to come on line.

Your 8 Prism Tanks will by now be in the transports, which should be parked next to each other. Now Chrono them to the South West of the Soviet base. Deploy them out of the transports, and team them together. Shoot over the wall to destroy any Tesla Coils and tanks that approach. Take out the Silo's as quickly as you can, watching out for Terror Drones. You may lose a few tanks, but the silo's will fall to your might. The base looks might empty. This gives you an idea of how powerful these things are in multiplayer games. They are even better as veterans!

Romanov is not amused.




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