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Allies - Mission 12 'Operation ChronoStorm'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Clear the area so Chrono Reinforcements can arrive.
  • Objective 2: Eliminate Romanov's Elite Black Guard around the Kremlin.

Second Edition: My first solution was 24 minutes, without building a base. But I've been practicing in Skirmish as Allies versus Soviets, and I got to use the Chrono Legionnaire (I call them Chrono Guys) a lot. Could I do this in this mission, I wondered? Sure can, and in only 16 minutes. But you've got to be awful fast on building structures. Then I skirmished some more, using Veteran Chrono IFV's, and found I could do it in less than 12 minutes!

Pre-amble: This mission is full of surprises. The more I study the map, the more I like it. Given that you are going to try and do a 130 minute mission in less than a tenth of the par time, you will need to undertake this mission with military precision, as if you don't always!

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: One Chrono Guy is cool but awfully vulnerable. In an IFV, they rock. The only drawback is a slight hesitation as they attack, meaning the target has time to fire once. It is a good idea to get the IFV up to Elite or Veteran status. I have found that 3 Chrono IFV's will always win against the AI, even at brutal. Another thing - you know how a Chrono Guy takes time to phase in the further you move him? Well, if you move an IFV to the target zone, and chrono him directly into it, there is no phase in! Cool.

Comments on the Map/Mission: You are actually up against four enemies. The Brown forces are hopeless, after you've killed the conscripts, all they have left are lots of non-functional Tesla coils (these come in handy, however). The Red forces attack when attacked, so don't attack them if you don't have to! Also, they have four War Factories churning out armor. The Red forces have the use of the Iron Curtain once (after which you will have won), so try to engage them some distance from your base, which wastes that advantage.
The key to your successful campaign is to:
1. Build up the Tech Ladder to the Battle Lab quickly, ignoring low power warnings.
2. Use GI's to garrison lots of buildings and bunkers.
3. Note that, outside the South East gate, there is an ore field that has a back entrance leading to the back of their main base.
4. The reinforcement vehicles that chrono in are for attack, not defense.
5. The mission time is too short to worry about building superweapons, and the key areas are already on view (or you will have found them early on) so no radar is needed.
It is IMPORTANT that you get the buildings up as quickly as possible - NO DELAY - keep focused. All the defensive stuff you do is secondary to this.

Game Play: Your 3 Seals drop in unannounced at the party. Whilst they fall, select the left most one and target him to C4 the Tesla Reactor - get him out of the compound straight away. The other 2 will take out the conscripts. As soon as the Reactor is blown, send one Seal North to shoot and explode the barrel next to the Tesla Coil (the one West of the hostage compound). Instruct the GI's and engineers to move to the North West gate - you will have to tell them to do this twice, otherwise they stand around in the compound and vent their fury on the Tesla Coil! Move the one of the engineers to capture the nearby Oil Derrick. Move the Seals into the former hostage compound (out of the way).

Your first reinforcements arrive. Move the MCV into the center compound and deploy it. Move the 4 IFV's near the South East gate to outside the North East gate (out of harm's way).

Build a Power Station in the entrance to the compound.

While that is being built you can put the other engineer into the nearby IFV. Send 2 GI's to the South East gate and 2 to the South West gate immediately. Send 1 GI to the North East gate. Team the remaining 3 IFV's as team #1 and start to take out the Tesla coils one by one, working anti-clockwise around walled base - keep the repair truck with them, just in case a terror drone gets through! With luck, all 3 will get to Veteran status (this will take some time as other things happen - just keep moving them on when you can. Back to the 4 GI's heading to the Southern gates. Deploy one into each bunker outside the walls.

Build a Barracks.

While that is being built you can send the GI at the North West gate out and Garrison the building to the left of the road, he will engage a Rhino Tank and kill it. Send the last GI out of the North East gate and head South East along the outside edge of the wall. Garrison the second (lower) building. He will take out another Rhino.

Keep moving the IFV's around to take out the Tesla Coils before the GI's in the bunkers do!

The barracks should now be complete. Now build the Ore Refinery. Now you have some time whilst this is being built.

Build 3 engineers and as many GI's as you can (multiple click, probably to 27).

When the Rhino tank outside the North West gate is destroyed, abandon the first building you took (you will need to garrison the building to the West of this later - as soon as you can) and send the GI West and then South around the outside of the perimeter wall. Garrison the second building after he turns South, which will again engage a Rhino Tank. When the GI at the North East gate has destroyed his tank, abandon that building and garrison the larger one to the South East, just next to the building you've just abandoned.

Use the new Engineers to capture the other three oil derricks. Start deploying the GI's 2 at a time into the bunkers first and then the garrisoned buildings. Then re-garrison the building outside the North West gate, and the warehouse in the East, with 3 GI's each. Keep deploying the GI's into the bunkers.

Build the War Factory next. Again you have time to build and deploy GI's. Whilst the War Factory is underway, tanks arrive. Gather them inside the South East gate and make them team #2.

Whenever your War Factory is complete, build an Air Force CHQ. This builds quickly - then build a Battle Lab. More time for building yet more GI's! Your Battle Lab should be built just around when your 30th-40th GI is built. You build no more GI's when the Battle Lab is built - cancel any not finished.

Start building 3 Chrono Guys. Send the tank team (#2) out of the South East gate and into the Ore Field. As well as miners, one A Tank, 2 Tesla Tanks plus numerous Rhino's and Flak Tracks will come after you. Take each in turn (A Tank, then Tesla Tanks, etc). Take out any Ore Miners and troops you can.

Team number the Chrono Guys as they build (#'s 7, 8 and 9). In the meantime, send out team #1 (the 3 IFV's) across the Ore Field. Where the Ore Refinery was (haven't you destroyed it yet?) there is a hole in the wall. Go through this and head East of the hill, down towards the shore and head South along the shore. Keep the IFV's under control, they tend to take another route!

Go South East behind 3 buildings and then down the road. An opening in the wall allows you into a warehouse complex, which has an entrance into the Iron Curtain base. Wait here until you have chrono'd all 3 Chrono Guys into the IFV's. Use the team numbers to hop back and forth, and H for the base.

Now North into the base. An A tank comes down - take it out. De-construct the buildings around to promote the IFV's until they are all at Veteran (3 stripes). Watch out for more A Tanks! Get the IFV's to the bottom right of the Kremlin and undeploy one of the Chrono Guys. Use that IFV to rocket out an opening in the walls, then put the Chrono Guy back in the IFV.
Take out the Black units in this order - use one IFV for each. Sentry Gun, western Flak Cannon, Sentry Gun, Westernmost A Tank, Easternmost A Tank. Red A Tanks may come, so watch out! Remaining 2 A Tanks. Tesla Coil. Once you are sure there are no more A Tanks coming (listen for the growling engines), take out the remaining Flak Cannon.

All this time your base has been under attack, but it has held.

After destroying the Kremlin Armory defenses, Tanya will arrive in an IFV via the Chronosphere.

Now go find that coward.




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