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Allies - Mission 2 'Operation Eagle Dawn'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Re-capture the Soviet-occupied Air Force Academy Chapel.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all Soviet forces.
  • Objective 3: Keep Tanya alive.

Pre-amble: The second objective is important. It means not only do you have to re-capture the Air Force Academy Chapel, you have to take out the Sentry Guns defending it. When you have destroyed the Soviet main base Construction Yard, all Soviet mobile units will attack, bringing in outlying dogs and conscripts, as well as Ore Miners, Rhino Tanks, Flak Tracks and the conscripts and dogs in the base. This wastes time as you wait for them, and means you have to waste resources defending. If you have destroyed all the Ore Miners, Rhino Tanks and Flak Tracks before you attack the base, then Tanya can take care of the rest.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: This map is full of hidden crates - who needs them? Westwood rarely give you crates unless you don't need them!

Comments on the Map/Mission: Notice how your first reinforcements are Rocketeers? Then you get even more later? Subtle hint from Westwood about air power. Also, you can get Tanya into the base and take out the Flak Cannons, and you get Engineers parachuted into the base, enabling you to grab the Chrono Miner, and thus use it as a decoy whilst disposing of the Sentry Guns, whilst the Rocketeers get on with a more useful task. The Soviet base has no air defenses at the rear, and the Tesla Reactors (which power the Flak Cannons) and the Construction Yard are also at the rear, thus unguarded against air attack.

Building/unit construction order: None!

Attack Strategy: You start with Tanya, 2 GI's and 3 engineers. A group of Rocketeers will also appear soon. Move Tanya off to kill the patrol of Soviet conscripts coming up the road. Move the Rocketeers East to attack the Ore Miner, at the same time move Tanya North to the edge of the lake. You don't need the GI's and Engineers, so leave them be. Swim Tanya across and kill the lone conscript guard. Make sure the Rocketeers do not follow the Ore Miner back towards their base - you will get shot down by Flak Tracks if you do.

When the Ore Miner heads back to base, move the Rocketeers North to kill the Rhino Tank and conscripts. If an Ore Miner shows up, attack it. Any Ore Miner working the gold fields to the North East of where you attacked the Rhino tank and conscripts cannot hope to run back to base quickly enough. Fly backwards and forwards until you have killed all 4 Soviet Ore Miners.

Tanya must take out the 2 defending Flak Cannons with C4. As soon as Tanya has done this, Engineer reinforcements will parachute in. Take over the Ore Refinery - the engineers will automatically take over some of the others without your help. Park the Chrono Tank outside each Sentry Gun in turn (starting with the Easternmost one first) and use Tanya to blow them up as they shoot at the miner.

Attack the left hand Flak Track, then the right hand one. You will lose some Rocketeers, but reinforcements are on their way. Use the remaining Rocketeers grouped with the new ones to finish off the 2 Rhino Tanks. Forget about the conscripts. Fly East a bit, then North to come round the base to the North East Corner. Take out the Soviet Construction Yard. Most of the conscripts and dogs will troop off to attack Tanya - no chance!

Take out the Tesla Reactors, Construction Yard and then the rest. Reinforcements will parachute in (who needs them?).
As soon as the stragglers are killed, you've won. Then you get the congratulations on a magnificent tank attack. As if you'd waste your time building tanks!!




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