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Allies - Mission 3 'Operation Hail to the Chief'

Mission Objectives

  • Destroy the Psychic Beacon.

Pre-amble: Don't forget the brief. You do not have to destroy their units or bases. You are one side of the river, along with a few Soviets and Americans under mind control. Two bridges span the river.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: Want to reveal a part of the map, but there are dogs everywhere which make a spy unusable? Use a group of Rocketeers, they aren't cheap, but they are quick and effective. They will almost certainly get killed, but who cares if they get the job done? 5 Rocketeers will reveal one well-defended (by flak devices) building, 10 can reveal most of a base.

Comments on the Map/Mission: The Psychic Beacon has almost no air defenses, criminal negligence on someone's part. Also, Westwood designed the map so that you could easily defend your base, but made it hellishly difficult to take ground forces to the target. Take the hint; go by air, you know it's safer than road.

Building/unit construction order: You already have a Construction Yard, 1 engineer, loads of GI's, 2 IFV's and one Mobile Repair Vehicle (MRV) - the vehicles are not needed, other than to collect a nearby crate. Build these next:

  • Power Plant to the SE of the Construction Yard. Whilst doing this, send a batch of troops out to garrison the building to the West of the nearest bridge, and another batch to garrison the two buildings on the opposite side of the road leading to the next bridge. Use the engineer to repair the Jefferson Memorial and collect the crate to the East, which has the money in, with an IFV.
  • Ore Refinery to the SE of the Power Plant.
  • Barracks to the SE of the Ore Refinery.
  • Air Force Command Headquarters to the West of the Barracks, towards the bridge.
  • 4 Rocketeers.
  • 4 Harriers.
  • Another Air Force Command Headquarters near the other.
  • No more buildings needed.
  • Another 4 Harriers.
  • No more units needed.

Attack Strategy: Move the Rocketeers as a group eastwards to head over the burning Smithsonian Castle, and onwards to wards the next burning building - the Smithsonian Natural History Museum? Take them due North until they come under fire from a Soviet Flak Cannon. Head West over the cannon to reveal the Psychic Beacon.

When the 8 Harriers are built, take them on the same trip, but turn West to attack the Psychic Beacon. Make sure you go as far north as you can to avoid the Flak Cannon and Flak Track until the last second. All 8 Harriers have to unleash their missiles before they are shot down, hence the use of rocketeers to reveal the Psychic Beacon.

Mission over. Reinforcements? Who needs them? The Soviets didn't have time to even use their tanks!




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