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Allies - Mission 6 'Operation Liberty'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Reinforce and assume command of Allied forces at the Pentagon.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all Soviet forces in Washington.

Pre-amble: This is a hard one. The apparent intention of this mission is for you to set up base to the North East of the Pentagon and defend like mad, repairing a lot, then build up massive forces of Grizzly's and take out two well-defended Soviet bases, whilst at the same time fighting off attacks every 3 minutes or so and those pesky Terror Drones. Naah!

Revision Notes: My first thought was to build an easy to defend base and then go turtle (sit behind the defenses) and rely on air power. The trouble is, you waste so much money and time getting 12 Harriers, and replacements for those you lose. All in all - 21 minutes. So I wondered a bit, you have 2 bases to take out, why not see if you can steal a whole base? After all - you get 3 engineers and loads of GI's. So I gave it a go, and here it is.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: It pays to know the map. In reality, a real war is usually fought with both sides knowing most of the map, what with satellites and spies. So, after you've spent a few tries at getting to know the map, you then formulate your ideas. Garrisoning a civilian building is an effective short-term defense or offensive measure. With enough GI's in the building, it can take out a Tesla Coil no problem. Another tip that hold good for most missions: take out or capture the 3 key soviet structures in a base and they will sell up and march against you. You can either; sit back and let your defenses destroy en masse, or run over the troops with tanks (this is quicker).
The buildings to take out are (in order): the Construction Yard, War Factory and Barracks. Use this tactic often, because it works!

If you have two bases to watch over, it's handy to be able to flick back and forth. Use the 'H' key to get back to your Construction Yard and bookmark (e.g. Ctrl+F1) the Prism Tower nearest the South East corner of the Pentagon base. You can then flick back and forth easily without scrolling with your mouse.

Comments on the Map/Mission: If you play the mission to see 'what if', you will notice that the Soviets come in 2 colors, a sure sign of 2 bases. Moreover, the Terror Drones are Red, but not Brown, and they don't appear within the first 20 minutes. The Red Base is located in the North East, in two parts. The Brown base is across the river from the Pentagon.

As another test, try selling all of the Pentagon's defenses and see if the Soviets attack the Pentagon itself. They don't. That means that the defenses around the Pentagon are there for another reason. I now think they are there purely to draw fire as you start, and then for money and GI's later on (sell them). Just to the South East of the Brown Soviet base are two buildings. Garrison these and you overlook most of the key structures in this base.

This mission is about capturing the Brown base, so you need to set up base near it. This means diverting your amphibious transports from their predetermined deployment zone North of the Pentagon.

Game Play: The mission starts with Einstein babbling on over your communication link. Don't let him distract you. You have two key tasks right at the start; first - divert the Amphibious transports further South East along the river (under 2 bridges), second - keep repairing the Prism Towers and Pill Boxes of the Pentagon's pitiful defenses as soon as they are attacked (otherwise they will be destroyed).

You will find that it is most convenient to divert the transports after the first attack. Also, you will notice the most attacked Prism Tower is the one at the Eastern Corner of the Pentagon's defenses. If you select it, you can direct it's shooting - keep it concentrated on tanks, not troops. This way it will need less repairs, costing less money.

During the attacks you need to micro manage the transports down the river, under the 2 bridges and onto the jetty and up the ramp. Two contain GI's, one contains an MCV and 3 engineers. Put the GI transports either side of the warehouse to the North of the jetty ramp and deploy the GI's. Deploy the final transport behind (to the East) of the warehouse. Make two teams of the GI's (#'s 1 and 2). Move the empty transports back on to the river for safekeeping.

The final attack from the South East is of 3 red Rhino's that at first try to pass the Pentagon base to the North East and then turn on your Prism tower as it opens fire. Then comes an attack from the North of the Pentagon (3 Rhino's plus some troops following after them). For this attack the key installation to keep repairing is the pill box to the East of the North gate. When this attack is over sell all buildings, except keep 1 Power Station. Move the 5 GI's you get for selling the Power Stations across the bridge to support your attack, as team #3.

Now comes the tricky part (you might want to save now). Move the 2 groups of GI's forward (North West) across the ore field. Watch out for dogs and troops! If you move them forward a bit at a time, they will stand and defend themselves. Only when they move are they vulnerable to attack. Bring the engineers up behind them. As soon as Team #3 are on the scene, try to garrison the 2 buildings at the same time with teams 1 and 2.

I will call the building near the river Building A, the one near the Barracks Building B. Get B to target the Tesla Coil as quickly as possible (you will see it as it opens fire). As soon as all targets (including the Tesla Coil and the Sentry gun beside the river) have been destroyed, move team #3 into the base along the riverbank to attack any Soviet forces hiding there. Move the Engineers forward and take the War Factory, the Barracks and the Construction Yard in quick order.

Be careful! There are sentry guns behind the Construction Yard. They will fire on the Barracks as you take it over, so make sure they have started firing on the Barracks before your engineer approaches the Construction Yard (ideally from the South West corner). The Soviets may try to rebuild the Tesla Coil and Sentry Gun, so be careful! They will also build dogs from the Barracks. It is important you get building Rhino tanks as soon as possible.

When you have all three key buildings, the Brown forces sell up, so abandon the Buildings as soon as they have picked off any nearby troops or ore miners. For safety you might put one GI back in each building to stop the Soviet's from garrisoning these! Send the GI's to take out any conscripts. You should have lots of GI's remaining after this - send 10 of these North East up the road to garrison the last building before the bridge.

Use the new Rhino's to squash any remaining troops and destroy remaining vehicles. Build loads more Rhino's. Deploy your MCV to allow you to build an Allied Ore Refinery near the ore field. You can sell the Barracks and Soviet Construction Yard. You won't need any more miners. Build 2 Power Stations by the other buildings and then sell the last one near the Pentagon, so the Pentagon is now undefended. Move the GI to the captured base.

Attack Strategy: Make your first 12 Rhino tanks a Team (#1). Keep building Rhino's! Send team #1 of Rhino's across the Westernmost bridge of the 2 bridges North East of your base, along the road. Keep them on this road and continue in a long column. Don't stop! You will go over a junction and come under fire from a building to the East and a bunker from the West. Keep going and then swing North West then West around the monument and attack the ore miners, rhino tank, sentry gun, flak track and go juts below (South) of the Ore Refinery and take out the Tesla Coil. Destroy the Red Soviet War Factory and any other Rhino's and Flak Tracks. Then the Barracks.

Now regroup and head North East and take out the two V3 launchers and any other vehicles in your way. Rush through the entrance to the next base and target the Construction Yard. Ignore all the fire you are under - it will stop as soon as you destroy the Construction Yard.

The Red Soviets sell up. Don't hang around, retreat the remaining Rhino's back to the captured base and defend the bridge that has the garrisoned building next to it. Move your other new Rhino's up as well. Keep a careful watch on the Soviet troops to make sure they all attack you (and die)! Some may get confused and hang back, in which case send you tanks out quickly to get them.

As the troops cross the bridge, send the tanks over in force to squash them (you can't squash Tesla Troopers) and kill the ore miners.

As soon as all the Soviet forces are killed, you will have won. If you think you have killed all you can see, but the cheer hasn't gone up, send you tanks back to the Pentagon to make sure none are hiding around there.

Phew - that was hectic.




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