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Soviets - Mission 1 'Operation Red Dawn'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy the Pentagon.

Pre-amble: There is nothing special about this mission, no quick way to complete it. Just slog through to the finish. Having said that, you get so many reinforcements, just keep pushing forwards. There are crates hidden all over the place, and at one point you can repair a wooden bridge to reveal a quayside to get tank reinforcements. Ignore them all. Don't even bother garrisoning buildings.

Game Play: You need to build an engineer, so construct a Tesla Reactor and a Barracks, then the engineer (head the engineer out to follow the conscripts). You do not need your base after this. Head the conscripts en masse towards the McBurger Kong Bar and take out the dug in GI's. Head East to take out the GI's guarding the base and bridge. Use the engineer to repair the bridge.

Go North over the bridge and blitz through the base, then head East. Just take out the pill boxes and GI's that get in your way. If they are not in the way, ignore them. When you get to the Pentagon compound, you will receive two tank groups - destroy the Pentagon.




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