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Soviets - Mission 10 'Operation Weathered Alliance'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Capture the American Battle Lab to locate the Weather Control Device.
  • Objective 2: Destroy the Weather Control Device.

Pre-amble: A good, old-fashioned Red Alert mission. Watch out for the Navy Seals! This one will last as long as it takes for you to tech up to Nuclear Missile Silo (with enough power) and wait for the timer to tick away, then kaboom!

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: Go for a Nuclear Strike! Sell any buildings you don't need to get as much money as quickly as possible. If you don't normally use teams, rally points and bookmarks, or don't know how, this mission is a good one to find out and get some practice in. Normally, when you build units, they mill around outside the building, use a rally point and they meet up somewhere else. To do this, click on the building (e.g. the Naval Yard) and click where you want them to meet up. Simple. It saves you having to move them. You can get the naval forces to meet in attack groups away from your island.

Your base is always bookmarked (just press H to get back home). Use Ctrl and F1, F2, F3 or F4 to mark the map on your screen, and then just press F1, F2, F3 or F4 to go back there. You'll find this much easier to coordinate your attacks. To build a team, select all the units in the team and press Ctrl and any number from 1-9. To re-select the team (for example, to order them to attack) juts press their team number. To re-focus the map on the team, press the team number twice in succession (needs any of the released RA2 patches to do this).

Comments on the Map/Mission: The mission looked to me as rather simple - build up massive sea and ground forces, invade, capture the lab, then immediately drop the bomb. The salient areas of the map are revealed to you at the start. When you capture the Allied Battle Lab, the upper part of the map is added and the site of the Weather Control Device is revealed. Like many other RA2 missions, this one is programmed to punish the laggards amongst us. Waste time and the Allies throw attacks at you, against which you must build defenses and defend. If you are quick, the mission will be over before they mount any serious attacks. You have about 15 minutes to make your landing!

Why was Yuri talking about Psychic research? There's no sign of such weapons in the mission, or are there? Was Zofia (nice as she is) telling you the truth about that beach, Commander? Of course not. But I will. In the South West corner of the map is a Soviet Dreadnought. Reveal the area to get control of it. Also, that well-defended beach isn't the only one - wouldn't you just know it? There's a pathetically defended beach on the North shore of the Allied landmass.

Also, if you head to the East of the map then North, the Allied landmass ends here with a cliff over-looking a beach, a stream and another beach on the opposite bank. Only 2 Prism Towers are here (with Power Stations), and only one of these can stop you getting through to the Sea North of the Allied landmass. And guess what you find North of the Allies?

An island of course. The raised area is very easy to defend (not that you need to on Easy mode) with only two slopes up. It has a Tech Outpost too. Capture this with an engineer and you can build here and nearby. Ah, so that's why you get an engineer at the start. There's also a Psi Commando - very useful. Plant him on the beach you crossed, backed up by those 2 Rhino's you didn't know what to do with, and the Navy Seals have a very hard time getting to you.

So here's my second attempt at this mission.

Building/unit construction order: Move the units from the left hand amphibious transport away from the MCV so you can deploy it just North of the landing area.

Barracks. Send the left amphibious transport (the one that the MCV was in - make it team #3) to the bottom South West corner of the map. Put the Rhino tanks and 1 engineers in the other Amphibious Transport (team #2) and send it due East to the edge of the map.

Followed by an Engineer and an Ore Refinery. As soon as the dreadnought (make it team #1) in the South West is revealed (you'll hear the reveal sound and the civilian beach bathers screaming), send it due East to the edge of the map and bring that transport (team #3) back to the base.

Sell the Repair Yard and Northern Sentry Guns whilst the War Factory is building - good for more money and cuts down power use.

War Factory. See first paragraph of game play below. All other building instructions are incorporated into the game play below.

Game Play: As your War Factory is being built, you will have had time to move the attack force North to find the beach. Move the transport #3 onto the beach and deploy (but put the engineer back in) and move the dreadnought North to the edge of the stream, where there are rocks are that stop you going up the stream. You can just see the shadow of the crane belonging to an Allied Naval Yard to the West of you.

Place the War Factory and start a Battle Lab and 3 Flak Tracks (rally these to guard the North West edges of your base from Rocketeer attack).

Send one of the Rhino's on the beach North towards the base of the Power Station you can see and it will reveal a Prism Tower. Quickly retreat whilst firing on the tower with your dreadnought. Get this right - save beforehand if you are worried you might not! As soon as the second salvo has been fired, re-direct the Dreadnought to fire on the nearby Naval Yard (and forget it - you don't need it).

You will have just built the Battle Lab
As soon as the Prism Tower explodes, send the tanks and transports North up the side of the map (to avoid another Prism Tower nearby - be careful and do it slowly). The Battle Lab should be ready. Place it and start the Tesla Reactor and Nuclear Silo. Sell the Barracks and War Factory and get back to the attack force quickly!

Your force is now at the North end of the Beach. Send the Transports north one at a time (at the edge of the map to avoid a Prism Tower). Leave the tanks on the Northern edge of the beach. You will need to place the Tesla Reactor soon and start another, and then another (place these as and when they build). Your transports will find the island you want. Send one due West (#2) and the other (#3) North West. You will have heard news by now that you have lost your dreadnought - ah well, it was free anyway, and who likes sailors?

Keep with the transport #3 and direct it along the path through the trees. You will find the Psi Commando (can he be of assistance?) and the Tech Outpost. Once the third reactor is placed (your fourth in total - you got one to start with), start a Naval Yard. Deploy the engineer from transport team #3 and capture the Tech Outpost. The other transport (#2) should reveal the sea out from the West beach of the new Island. This is where the Naval Yard will go (place it as soon as you can), so make sure you reveal a good area of sea and don't leave the transport in it! Put the Psi Commando in transport #3 and send it East.

As soon as you have placed the Naval Yard, get building 3 Sea Scorpions and 3 Dreadnoughts and rally these to the South of your island. Get the Psi Commando transport (#3) and take him to the Rhino Tanks (watch out for machine gunners and Prism Towers on the cliffs - keep to the edge of the map!). Leave the Psi commando behind the tanks (for protection) and send the transport back north to the island (again keep to the edge of the map).

Send the first Sea Scorpion East and then South along the edge of the map to provide air cover for the tanks and the Psi Commando. The second allow to go to the rally point (make it team #4). The third Sea Scorpion (team #5) let it get to the rally point and then go South to the coast of the Allied Island. Then head it West. As it goes West, the coast moves North a bit. At one point you can see the leaves of a palm tree. There is a PMS here too, with a Prism Tower to the West. Move the Sea Scorpion out to sea a bit.

As each of the 3 dreadnoughts are made, make them part of Team #1. With the first dreadnought at the rally point, send it to attack the Prism Tower guarding the North West end of the Allies' South beach. The Patriot Missile System (PMS) does not defend it too well, and it is destroyed quickly. Take this dreadnought to where Sea Scorpion #5 is, to your North West. As the second dreadnought is built, divert it here too. Bring the transport with the engineer (#2) to this point too.

Send the Sea Scorpion to the coast as a decoy to get the Prism Tower to open fire. When it does, target it with the dreadnoughts and destroy it. Bring the Amphibious Transport up the far Right (East) of this beach by clicking it onto the cliff above. There is another Prism Tower just out of range to the East of the beach and so it is essential the Transport goes as close to the edge of the beach as it can.

Your last dreadnought will be ready soon. Whether it is or not, head your dreadnoughts East to a point North of the Allied Battle Lab and next to your shore. Bring the transport (#2) further along the North coast of the Allied island until you reach a War Factory. Leave it there. Fire on the Prism Tower that is next to the Battle Lab. When this is destroyed, bring the Sea Scorpion (#4) close in to the coast - you will find an inlet West of the Battle Lab. The last Prism Tower will open fire. Quickly target it with team #1 (the dreadnoughts).

When the Prism Tower is destroyed, send the amphibious transport to the Battle Lab. It will come under fire from pill boxes, but has enough armor to survive. Deploy the engineer and capture the Battle Lab. Your Nuclear Missile should be just about ready to fire. You now have revealed to you the location of the Weather Control Device. Target the Nuclear Missile as soon as you can and fire.

As an aside, if we really could have a functioning Weather Control System, do think the weather forecasters might get it right every now and again?




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