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Soviets - Mission 11 'Operation Red Revolution'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy Yuri's headquarters - The Kremlin.

Pre-amble: This could be a long mission to complete. If you try by a more conventional combination of ground forces and Kirov Airships, it will take you about an hour. Be warned though, the Kremlin base contains at least 40 Yuri's! If you sit back and defend, then use Nuclear Missiles (2 if you are lucky), it will take you 35 minutes.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: If you build Nuclear Missile Silo's, you will come under constant air attacks by Kirov's. If they are good enough for Yuri, they're good enough for you. Kirov's take enormous amounts of flak damage, and self-repair. Their bombs devastate an area, but the airships are very slow, so it is best not to try to fly over flak cannons, but instead take them out as you pass overhead, that way they can't keep shooting at you after you've passed by. Better still, find and destroy the power stations powering the Flak Cannons (the quickest way is often to sneak a bunch of engineers in to their base and capture, then sell, the power stations, rather than marching a force in.

Fun Stuff: None of this is entirely necessary, but you bought the game to have fun! An alternative strategy, where you get to totally annihilate Yuri's forces. Don't blame me if you get wupped:

When you land and your MCV is deployed you will find yourself in the worst defensive position in history. Luckily, there is a much better place nearby (surprise, surprise). Send your Apo. Tank due East to the edge of the map. Build a Tesla Reactor and a Barracks and then 4 engineers. Build an Ore Refinery. Build a War Factory but do not place it!

As soon as the first engineer is built, send him due East too. Do this ASAP. Send one Engineer due North and take the Tech Oil Derrick there, and the other two engineers due East to take the 2 Tech Oil Derricks your Apo. Tank came across. Money should be pouring in. Your base will come under many attacks. Do your best to keep them at bay.

The A Tank will have gone around a plateau to get to its destination. On this are some tress, a crate and a Tech Airfield. As soon as the engineer arrives, capture the Airfield. Build 2 Sentry Guns to the immediate East of the Airfield to cover the slope up, and get the A Tank force firing on the trees to clear them ALL away. Place the War Factory opposite the top of the slope, with a small space to allow your tanks to move around.

The next buildings (all on the plateau) you want are: Repair Yard, Radar, Battle Lab, Nuclear Power Station, Barracks and loads of sentry guns around the cliffs. As soon as you can, build an MCV and deploy this on the plateau too. Try and arrange your buildings well, room is at a premium.

Whenever your reinforcements arrive, send these to the plateau too. Move the Kirovs to hover over the sea near West of the plateau. By now, they will have attacked and destroyed your Oil Derricks, don't worry. When things start to look bad at the old base, sell up and run. The troops will probably get killed. Even after all this building, you probably have 12,000 money. If the A Tanks aren't up to Veteran, take them out and kill a few more enemies! Keep the A Tanks in your base as much as possible. There are Yuri's everywhere!

You can take them out on raids on the enemy base to the North of you, but beware of those Yuri's! Your best bet is to take them up the slope to the North of your plateau that leads to a small plateau with 2 Flak Cannons on. Your sentry guns should cover the narrow pass, so they can destroy the flak cannons. Then take the A Tanks North up the coast to take out the Flak Cannon there. You can now move your Kirovs up that coast and find 2 Nuclear Reactors. Blow them up to completely to down the power for the base you have been attacking. Now use the Kirovs to destroy the whole base.

Don't stray too far North. Another base, with another Nuclear Reactor and some Tesla Reactors is just beyond the bridge you can see. Once the first base is destroyed, reveal all the area around your old base and take out anything you find. To the North of your old base are loads of Flak Cannons and Tesla Coils, all non-functional. Destroy these if you like. As you do, you see the Nuclear Reactor for the next base. Bomb it, then any flak trucks and A Tanks, then as you head East you will find 2 Tesla Reactors to destroy.

Now you can completely destroy this base. Only the Kremlin base remains, but what a base! It cannot, in all seriousness, be taken by ground forces. There are loads of cloning vats turning out Yuri's. This is a job for the Kirovs. Take them to the far West edge of the map, then as far North, then head East and take out the Nuclear Power plant and the other Tesla Reactors, then head to the North East corner of the map to take out the other Nuclear Reactor. Now bomb all the structures in sight.

If you approach the Kremlin with land forces, beware. It is fortified and garrisoned! Oh well, that was fun and it lasted much longer than the quick way. But it was still a Kirov mission.

Comments on the Map/Mission: The mission is blindingly simple once you know how. You get shown your target, but the rest of the map is under a shroud. The map is littered with enemy fortifications, loads of War Factories, Tesla Towers, Flak Cannons. Also, you'll find a lot of crates, Tech Oil Derricks, Tech Outposts, Tech Airfields. Oh, and cows, lots of them. Watch them carefully and you will see some turn into a ghostly figure from time to time. The dogs don't think they are spies, and indeed they appear to do no harm, but why not shoot them anyway?

Finally, as if that weren't enough, the enemy has loads of Cloning Vats making Yuri's. One piece of good news is that the Iron Curtain is used by forces from the base in the middle of the map (not the nearest one to you, which is to your East). They gather their forces on a ridge to the North East of your base, apply the Iron Curtain there, and then attack. The Iron Curtain wears off before they get to your base! Of course, should you be foolish enough to leave your base, you come within range.

Capturing buildings (the enemy's or Tech buildings) seems to cause the attacks to get worse until you've been driven out, so resist the temptation to send engineers out for this purpose. After about 15 minutes the attacks are redoubled, so don't waste time!

Attack Strategy: Send the Kirov's North West straight away, keep them right at the edge of the map, one after the other. Then North and again keep them right at the edge of the map until they are at the North West corner. The turn East and head along the top of the map. When you see the Nuclear Power Station, attack to take out the power for the Flak Cannons, then on to the Kremlin.

One direct hit and the Kremlin is rubble. I suppose there's room enough to build another McBurger Kong bar now. With all those Yuri clones down there, can you be sure he's dead?

By the way, if, at the start, whilst you are whiling away the time for the Kirov's to fly North, send a Rhino East along the coast. It needs to keep following the coast until it has to go round a plateau. Get on to this plateau by going North around it (clockwise). There is a crate on top that has money in (who cares?)

Can you see the trees in 3 large clumps? They spell the letters ACC (the crate is at the foot of the A). Drive the tank up the left of the first C and down between the C's. You will get a message from the WW programmers on the top right of your screen. It says:




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