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Soviets - Mission 2 'Operation Hostile Shore'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Force a landing and set up a base.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all enemy forces.

Pre-amble: Another mission where all you have to do is get stuck in. Well, not quite.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: This is the first Soviet mission where garrisoning buildings makes sense. You get quite a lot of forces when you land, and reinforcements as you go, so you have no need to build any units.

Comments on the Map/Mission: When the mission starts, you have to land at a heavily defended shore in the center of the map. A friendly dreadnought (not under your control) decimates these defenses. The Allied base is South West of your position, with no defenses against attacks from the North West, and a naval base adjacent to the base. By attacking from the North West, you need only one tank (a conscript will not suffice, not least because the area is populated with alligators) to destroy the base. As soon as you have destroyed their base, all land units attack. Be ready!

Game Play: Upon landing and gaining battlefield control, direct your tanks to take out the remaining pill box. Don't forget the tanks out of vision to the East! Shoot out the barrels between the two Ore Refineries to the North with a tank and kill the GI guard. You will now be attacked by two Grizzly tanks. Make sure you sustain minimal damage by getting all your Rhino tanks together to hit them hard. Deploy your Construction Yard. You can start building a base (Ore Refinery, Barracks, etc).

Send one tank (the most damaged one) due West to the edge of the map. Gather the conscripts up and send them into the Beach resort to the South West. Along with reinforcements that will parachute in, you can garrison the two hotels at the South West edge of the resort. Leave one tank on guard in your base and send the remainder to reinforce the garrisoned hotels.

Your Westbound tank should have arrived at the edge of the map. Send it South, keeping to the edge of the map. You will find the Allied Construction Yard. Next to it are some barrels. Shoot them out and finish off the Construction Yard. Your tank will be attacked by everything the Allies have, once the have sold up their base. Don't bother trying to save the tank, it is doomed.

Whilst keeping an eye on your forces at the beach resort, look if the reinforcement submarines have arrived. If so, send them South West to attack the Allied Destroyers. Take the Destroyers out one by one - you will lose some submarines. Head West into the harbor to make sure you kill all the ships. Make sure the land defenses are handling the Allied attack. The Allied Chrono Miners will be hiding in or near your base. Take them out.

You probably haven't had time to finish your base, oh well.




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