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Soviets - Mission 3 'Operation Big Apple'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Capture the American Battle Lab.
  • Objective 2: Build and defend a Psychic Beacon.

Pre-amble: You can do this mission the traditional way (overwhelming force of tanks) or the sneaky way.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: School Buses are cool. Driven by a civilian, they can be mind-controlled by a Yuri, but to the opposition, they appear friendly, and dogs can't eat them. You can get 5 personnel aboard a bus.

Comments on the Map/Mission: This is a traditional map. You (the Soviets) are in the SW corner, the Allies in the NE. If you take the time to inspect the map, you will find a few odd things. The are 3 Oil Derricks just South of your base. There is a long elevated route leading from near your base to the front of the Allies base, defended only by 3 pill boxes and a garrisoned building, but patrolled at an intersection by a procession of IFV's and used frequently by the Allies to attack you. Halfway along the elevated route there is a parking lot with a bunch of school buses. There are 3 neutral Tech Centers dotted around, various Allied pill boxes, and a barracks and war factory (not together).

The reason why this mission takes so long is that you must defend for a while before the Psychic Beacon comes on-line (which takes a while) and that in order to defend, you have to build up your forces before capturing the Allied Battle Lab.

Main Base Building/unit construction order: You already have a Tesla Reactor and Radar. Build these next:

  • Deploy the MCV where it is.
  • Barracks.
  • 3 Engineers,
  • 10 conscripts,
  • 2 engineers.
    Send the 3 Engineers to capture the Oil Derricks to the south of your base. Repair the damaged ones. Money will slowly roll in from these. Garrison the building to the East of the Oil Derricks with the conscripts.
  • Ore Refinery.
  • War Factory. You will get 4 Yuri's as reinforcements.
  • Build 4 Rhino Tanks.
  • Tesla Reactor.

Attack Strategy: Move the Rhino Tanks up the ramp along the elevated roadway. Get the Yuri's to follow along - they will automatically mind control any advancing Allied forces. Those forces you do get control of, use to take out the pill box ahead or the garrisoned building to the North of the roadway.

As soon as you have taken out those two targets, move forward again, still with the Yuri's behind. You will see a parking lot with school buses in below. Mind control one of these and send it back to your base. Return the tanks and Yuri's back to the base also. Board the 2 engineers on the school bus, and drive it to the Allied base. Build, but do not place, a Sentry Gun. Take the bus to the back of the base, behind the Construction Yard and deploy the engineers. They will not be seen by the Allies as they stand here.

Capture the Allied Construction Yard and immediately place the sentry gun between the yard and the pill box now firing at it. Destroy the pill box whilst repairing, and also build another sentry gun and a War Factory. Do not place the sentry gun, but place the War Factory (make it your primary building) behind the tall building. Start building 5 Flak Tracks and 5 Rhino Tanks. Use the second engineer to capture the barracks, and immediately place the sentry gun to fire upon the pill box just beyond it.

Make the Captured Allied Barracks your primary building and build 2 engineers. Build another sentry gun, have it ready, sneak around and capture the repair yard, place the gun to fire upon the Allies. Take a Rhino tank to destroy any nearby Allied units. Capture the Allied Battle Lab. Garrison the tall building nearest the Allied Ore Refinery (build some GI's). A crate with all-unit health appears, use this later when you are under attack. With more GI's, garrison the buildings to the SE of your captured Barracks.

Move the Flak Tracks to the South West of the Psychic Beacon, to protect from Rocketeer attack, move your built Rhino Tanks to the South West of them to protect them from tank attack, and the reinforcement Rhino's (which should have arrived) to guard the Barracks. Get ready for both of your bases to be under near constant attack until the Psychic Beacon comes online. Use the Yuri's at both bases to the best advantage.

I'm hearing voices ... Victory to the Soviet Union!




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