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Soviets - Mission 4 'Operation Home Front'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Establish a base. Defend the homeland.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all enemy forces.

Pre-amble: A simple mission, nothing complicated. Just a tank blitz. This, and the next mission but one (Sub-Divide) are most disappointing because they are so easy to do. For some reason, the Soviet missions seem to lack the ingenuity of many of the Allied missions.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: Sometimes a blunt attack works well. You must have played against a poor skirmish opponent who you wupped simply because they didn't expect an all out attack so soon.

Comments on the Map/Mission: A simple map with the Soviets are in the West, the Allies in the East. It's easier to aim your attack if you have a radar. This really is like a training mission - it's so straightforward. You've got 10 minutes to build a base and get some forces together. If you're fast, they won't have even built a War Factory by the time you attack. The Koreans make two landings by Amphibious Transport groups. One near your base, one in the East to establish their own base and provide some initial firepower by way of a few tanks. If the landing near you is thwarted, they will send some forces from their base to attack. After they lose these, they are wide open to attack.

Building/unit construction order: You already have a Tesla Reactor and a Naval yard (with one submarine). Build these next:

  • Deploy the MCV where it is,
  • Ore Refinery,
  • Barracks,
  • No units needed.
  • Tesla Reactor,
  • 3 Flak Cannons,
  • War Factory,
  • 10 Rhino Tanks,
  • Tesla Reactor,
  • Radar,
  • 2 Submarines.

Attack Strategy: Move at least 5 Rhino Tanks to the coast East of your base, where there are two civilian houses and a couple of civilians. 5 Allied Amphibious Transports will arrive after you get the warning. Place your tanks spaced apart and take out the transports before they deploy. Any units that do deploy, take them out too.

Move the Rhino's back to defend your base against an attack from more forces from the West. Keep building Rhino's. You will need 10 to attack the Allied Base, in good repair. As soon as you have enough Rhino tanks, send them West to attack. Take out any tanks you encounter, then the Construction Yard, and so on. Make sure they work as a group, that way any attacking unit is wiped out almost instantaneously.

The poor Koreans didn't know what hit them. It was too easy.




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