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Soviets - Mission 5 'Operation City of Lights'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Energize the Paris Tower with 3 Tesla Troopers.
  • Objective 2: Defend the Paris Tower from Allied attack.
  • Objective 3: Defeat all remaining Allied troops.

Pre-amble: A simple mission, nothing complicated. Just a conscript blitz.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: With conscripts as your main weapon in a city, keep garrisoning buildings to make progress. They are cheap, and you will lose a lot, but who cares?

Comments on the Map/Mission: The Allies will not get reinforcements until all their forces are defeated, and only then if you have failed to energize the Paris Tower (hey you guys at Westwood, why not give it its real name, the Eiffel Tower?). The Allies have no base buildings, just a few pill boxes. A few GI's are deployed, and some on patrol. A few Grizzly's are around, as well as IFV's. Remember with IFV's, you may have to get close up to kill them (you may not be able to shoot them from a building). You will get some reinforcements as.

No Building Required - recruit as many conscripts as you need! You only need one of the engineers to capture the Oil Derrick - the tesla troopers you don't need (you'll get more later), nor the Crazy Ivans.

Attack Strategy: You have to defeat all Allied troops and forces, so send the initial conscripts out in two groups, one North, the other West, garrisoning buildings to take out Allied units. Don't forget you can click on a garrisoned building and direct its shooting to barrels too. To the South West of you is an Oil Derrick, you will have to risk your conscripts in the open to take out the IFV, then take the Oil Derrick with an engineer. You will get a reward for doing this, and the flow of money thereafter.

When you clear the South West and North East banks of the River Seine, you get Flak Track reinforcements. These aren't much use, except to annoy tanks into following them past a garrisoned building (and thus to their demise). When you clear the bank south of the jetty, you will get a transport load of Tesla Troops. Use these to power up the Paris Tower when you get that far.

It is important you power up the Paris Tower before taking out the Allied units on the pier, otherwise plane loads of reinforcements arrive.

I was rather expecting to see some dancing girls, as we are in Paris, or maybe some artists painting. Well, at least the aroma of a freshly baked baguette. Maybe in RA3.




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