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Soviets - Mission 6 'Operation Sub-Divide'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Establish a base in the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Objective 2: Destroy the Allied Navy.

Pre-amble: A simple mission, nothing complicated. Just a submarine blitz.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: Submarines are lethal, because at this stage of the game, the Allies have only the planes aboard the destroyers to counter them, and they don't do a good job against a hunting pack.

Comments on the Map/Mission: The Allies will get reinforcements unless you get a move on. They will not attack you until after the reinforcements were due. So get building submarines as fast as you can and forget about defences. The Allies are at Pearl Harbor. If you've played the Allies already, the island is the same as before, you are to the East South East instead. They have two Naval Yards, and loads of ships.

Building/unit construction order: You already have 3 submarines, some Sea Scorpions and land forces (not required - move them out of the way). Send the submarines out West North West to seek out Pearl Harbor.

  • Deploy the MCV.
  • Tesla Reactor.
  • Ore Refinery.
  • Naval Yard
  • 3 Submarines, send these out to support the first 3. Use a rally point to do this.
  • Radar.

Attack Strategy: When you get to Pearl Harbor, there are 2 Aegis Cruisers to take out at a bay to the East of the harbor entrance. Then enter the harbor and swing right to take out the 2 Aircraft Carriers. Some destroyers will come after you, take them out first. Take out the Naval Yard (it removes the repair facility). Then go back the way you came and meet up with your 3 other submarines. Now attack the West side of the harbor. Ignore the cruisers - get the destroyers. Then take out the cruisers, the Naval Yard, and the carriers. Work your way around the bay to make sure all ships have been sunk.

You might get some reinforcements about now!

It behoves me to say that whilst RA2 is visually a lot better than Red Alert, this mission really isn't up to scratch.




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