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Soviets - Mission 7 'Operation Chrono Defence'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Defend your Battle Lab at all costs.

Pre-amble: Quite a taxing mission, and enjoyable. The Allies keep throwing air and ground attacks, and spies, at you. Have you got eyes in the back of your head? You'll need them this mission.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: Against air attacks, some form of flak defenses are needed. Against ground attacks, you need Apocalypse Assault Tanks. Against spies you need dogs. A radar is handy to see where they are coming from. All this needs money.

Comments on the Map/Mission: You are on a ridge, with only 3 entry points from below in to your base (assuming they won't Chrono shift straight into your base, which they will!) and a plateau above you with ore, accessed from your base, or from a back door at the East of your map. You will be warned when the next attack is due. The Allies use Harriers and Rocketeers from the air, Grizzly's, IFV's, Prism Tanks, spies (disguised as one of your units), GI's, snipers. About the only things they don't have are Tanya and Navy Seals.

Building/unit construction order: You already have a Construction Yard, Barracks, Battle Lab and a Tesla Reactor. Next build:

  • Ore Refinery. Near the entrance to the Northern Ore Fields.
  • War Factory to the South West, near the Sentry Gun.
  • Radar, near the Barracks.
  • Build more dogs. Make sure every approach has these on guard at all times. Snipers will shoot them prior to spies being landed. Take the snipers out and then replace the dogs.
  • Add another Sentry gun near the entrances to the South.
  • You will need 5 flak cannons to start with (plus the Tesla Reactors to keep them working: one to defend against attack from the East, one to defend the Ore Refinery from a Northerly attack, the others to defend from attacks from the South West.
  • Send some conscripts out due West and ambush the propaganda truck. You will get a crate (contents vary each mission) as a reward, plus a map (which you need a radar to see).
  • Build 10 Apocalypse tanks and spread these around. At least 3 must be at the West entrance, and 2 to guard the ore fields.
  • Build more Flak cannons, at least 5 facing South West, to guard against Harrier attack.
  • Tesla Reactors as and when required, probably 5 in total.
  • A spare Ore Miner, just in case.
  • 5 more Apocalypse tanks - making 15 in total. Have 4 at the West entrance, 5 for the South, 3 in the Ore Fields, 1 in the base, and 2 to guard the East.

Attack Strategy: Your task is to get effective defenses up. The first attacks are Rocketeers, followed by tanks from the West, GI's and sniper from the South. You get a respite between each attack. Take this time to repair and reorganize. After each attack you should be stronger than before. The spies are the real problem, so watch out!

Spend, spend, spend. If you've got money, buy more Apocalypse tanks and put them everywhere.

Finally, take the intervening quiet periods to check that no GI's have dug in anywhere. If they have, you've got to go get them, with tanks, or better still a whole bunch of Terror Drones. Be aware, I have played this mission a few times now, and some GI's are immune to firepower, and can only be killed by dogs or terror drones. If you get GI's camping out near the village in the West, beware of this possibility.

At the end of the mission, if you win first time, congratulations - it's hard work.




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