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Soviets - Mission 8 'Operation Desecration'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Capture the White House.

Pre-amble: Imagine a real life scenario where a rogue general commanded a bunch of your side's troops. Capture the General, and you get control of the troops back. So it is with this mission. You need to rush the White House and capture it. Everything else is a distraction.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: When it comes to tank rushes, a bunch of Soviet Apocalypse Tanks is just what you need. They aren't much good against men, but Desolators are!

Comments on the Map/Mission: You start out at the West of the map, with the White House in the North East corner. A second enemy base has just been built across the bridge to the South East of your base. It will be able to launch attacks at you after 15 minutes. At the start, that base is relatively defenseless, and it has all the buildings you need! The White House base is well defended by conscripts, Tesla Troops, Tesla Coils and Sentry Guns, plus a few vehicles. Its defenses are weakest from the West. There is a lake to the North East of you - approaching the White House from the North of this lake is the best idea.

Taking a look at your initial forces, you are well set up with 4 Desolators and 2 Apocalypse Tanks (plus other bits).

Game Play:

  • Deploy the MCV.
  • Build a Tesla Reactor on the road. Leave the area to the South West of your Construction Yard empty, the enemy parachutes conscripts into here and into the ore fields to the North East (one bunch in each zone) - it's easier to kill them if they are not in amongst your buildings.
  • Move the conscripts to stand by the bridge, out of harms way. Also the tanks.
  • Barracks (you need 2 engineers from this).
  • Position the Desolators to guard the area to your South West. Once they have killed the parachuting conscripts, move them to meet the next landing in the ore fields.
  • Ore Refinery. No extra miners are needed.
  • Deploy an engineer to take the fortified pill box to the North East of your base and garrison this with your conscripts.
  • Take the 2 Apocalypse Tanks South East over the bridge, take out the Tesla Coil and the Flak Track. Follow these with the other engineer.
  • Take the tanks South to take out the other Tesla Coil and the Tesla Trooper. Capture the Barracks. Sell your other barracks. Build 5 engineers to take the War Factory, the Construction Yard (stops them rebuilding the Tesla Coils), the Battle Lab and 2 Tesla Reactors. Sell your own Construction Yard (you get an engineer, which you need).
  • Build 4 more Apocalypse Tanks and 2 Flak Tracks - rally them near your first base, in the ore fields.
  • Put the engineer in one (give it a team number so you know which one!) and put the Desolators in the other (team number again).

Attack Strategy: Team all the tanks (including the Rhino tank), and take all vehicles North towards the Lincoln Memorial, then head East. Take out the Sentry gun - there may be an Apocalypse tank here too to destroy. Head North East along the wall and enter at the West gate. Your first tank will be attacked by a Terror Drone (hopefully the Rhino!). Send it against a Tesla Coil. The tank will at least damage the Tesla Coil and the Terror Drone will get destroyed by the Tesla Coil too! Target the Garrisoned buildings to the North and destroy them. As soon as they are abandoned, deploy the Desolators. Watch 'em melt!

Concentrate the tanks on any vehicles, then the Tesla Coils to the North and East (4 in total). Watch out for another Terror Drone. If you get a vehicle infected, send it against a Tesla Coil again! Wipe out all other defenses around the White House so that it is safe to bring the Flak Track with the Engineer in. Send him in and you've won.

Why do men always hide in cupboards?




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