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Soviets - Mission 9 'Operation The Fox and the Hound'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Use Mind-Control to capture the President.

Pre-amble: What a waste of men at the start! And then the President gives you a friendly welcome (not!). I can't say I warmed to this character even when I was fighting for the Allies - which I guess makes him ideally cast as the President. Note that you are required to mind control the President, not destroy the base!

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: There are all sorts of permutations that you can use to complete this mission, like sending a spy in to the Battle Lab to get the ability to build Chrono Ivans! In the South of the map, there is a Tech Center will crate filled trucks, but do you need them?

Comments on the Map/Mission: The map is fully showing at the start, you start in the North East and capture an IFV almost right away. What you need to complete the mission are the captured IFV and a Yuri. One rather annoying feature of the Yuri's is their automatic mind control over civilians. This means that as they walk along, and you think you've got a Yuri or two spare to use later on, they suddenly get used up to control a civilian! Either force click the Yuri on the ground nearby, or send the civilian off to shoot at a Navy Seal, they soon die!

Game Play: This is rather simple. As the sequence starts, not the roof of the building in the South West corner of your map, that is where you send your IFV and Yuri's too as soon as you gain battlefield control. So, send the IFV and Yuri's South, until they join the road that runs outside the South West wall of the Alamo compound. Do not stray closer to the wall than the road, or the Prism Towers will get you! Leave the IFV just next to the second building and move the Yuri's further south to the car park.

As soon as the IFV has killed the two dogs and the GI, move it to the middle of that wall and fire the rockets to make a hole for the Yuri's to go through. Send a Yuri through and tell him to mind control the Seal nearest him on the other side of the Alamo itself. The Seal will get killed. Do the same again (the president is in the Blue suit). You will get the next Seal killed by his fellows as well, but my get zapped by the Prism tower. The other Yuri can now get the President.

This is difficult, and it may take a few goes before success. It really isn't a win, as your Yuri is about to die, so, why not try a slightly different approach:

Start the same, but send one Yuri to mind control the IFV patrolling the South East wall as it arrives at the Southernmost point of its patrol. Now you have 2 IFV's and only one free Yuri. Make the hole in the wall and move one IFV to the Alamo, you will find the square to the West of the Southern corner is out of range of the Prism Towers. The IFV will kill a Seal. Fire it on the Power Station nearest and two more Seals will come (and die). It will quickly get to Veteran status. Do the same with the other one. Warning, a Grizzly comes now and then. The Vet IFV's repair quickly, so don't worry. Make sure all four Power Stations are out, now go get the dogs, otherwise they will eat your Yuri's. Destroy all the buildings, capture the president.

As I said, there are a whole bunch of ways to complete this mission. Just have fun. All trucks contain crates!
Game on!




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