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GDI - Mission 10ea 'Slovenia'

Mission Objectives
UN funding has been re-established. You now have access to a new aircraft, the Orca. This unit is to be used to scout out the immediate area. Destroy all Nod presence in this region.

Zachary Harrison (
North of his base is a plateau of tiberium which the computer will eventually harvest. If you send an APC full of engineers to this plateau, all the way east, and then south, there is a back door to his base.

With five engineers, one can take the airstrip, construction yard and many silos. Build a Hand of Nod, sell the useless buildings (especially the power plants, to disable the Obelisk) and pump out engineers to take over the base with extreme ease. The only weapons the computer has in range of this part of the base is a turret a SAM site.

Blow through the wall, and there's nothing to it from there on in.

Robert "Crash" Cullen (
I think this mission is the most fun of the entire bunch. Pretty easy too. Start by securing your location in the upper left hand corner. Get your power station, barracks and refinery up ASAP. Produce a few grenadiers, and bazookas, and take out the NOD forces on the ledge behind you. Good job. Now put them on guard duty. Get three guard towers up to guard the left pass. Build a weapon factory, and repair bay, then the Comm. station. Keep building grenades and bazookas for guard duty. You should be mining the tiberium out of the upper right hand corner of the map.

By this time, you should have the upper third of the map under your control. Build a second harvester. Now you are ready to build a second power station and 4 helipads. Add a bit of sand, and guard with 3 towers on the right pass.

Position secure, let's go find George and Gracie. Produce 2 Hummers and explore like crazy. Once you have two thirds of the map explored, start sending the choppers to take out the turrets. Stay away from the lower third of the map with the choppers, or you'll get waxed by SAMs. Explore as much of the NOD base, (lower third) as possible with the hummers. Your hummers won't survive, but hey, you're over it. Besides, revenge is just around the corner.

By this time, you should control 2 thirds of the map. Cool. Now the fun begins. Start building tanks. Lots of them. 20 in all. Your Tiberium is probably running out in the upper right hand corner, so start harvesting out of the lower left side. With your 20 tanks, take the left pass down. You will need to stop short and regroup. Stopping at the 2/3 point worked for me. Now move the group to the lower left hand corner. The reason for stopping and regrouping is simple. Moving down that pass strings your forces out like a bunch of Christmas tree lights. If you were to move into the base one at a time, you wouldn't stand a chance. Especially against that Obelisk.

Now you have a group of tanks across from the NOD base. Don't just sit there....ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!! Move the group in and take out that Obelisk first.

Next, move the group all the way to the right and take out the construction yard. Next the airfield, and finally the Hand of NOD. Now lets pillage this village. The nice thing about so many tanks in such a small area, is that the soldiers have nowhere to run. It's splat city everywhere you turn, and I suggest you turn a lot. Blow up everything in sight. Don't even think about engineers or taking over buildings in this one. Game over, You've won. Now wasn't that more fun than listening to Black Sabbath at `78?




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