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GDI - Mission 10eb 'Romania'

Mission Objectives
UN funding has been re-established. You now have access to a new aircraft, the Orca. This unit is to be used to scout out the immediate area. Destroy all Nod presence in this region.

Trevor Ruppe (
The objective is the same, but the terrain is different. You start in the SW corner of the map. Tiberium is due north and due east. The latter field is smaller but has a blossom tree. There are two valleys, north on the left side of the map and northeast toward the center. Most attacks will come from the northeast, but before you defend it, take out the Nod turret that's sitting on the edge of the hill that separates the two valleys. (Infantry that attack from the left usually get weakened by walking through the tiberium.)

Also that beautiful lake east of your base has a river with a weir in the center of the right edge of the map. The weir leads down onto a hill that goes due south then due west to the southwest corner of the map. From here Nod has a great place to shoot down onto your base.

Once the valleys and your backyard are defended, you have a big grassy field to build Orcas. Three are good for taking out a turret in one sortie. In addition to the one above, there are three more on the same hill, spaced out heading north. There are two on the hill east of the northeast valley and two on the hill west of the northern valley. One of these guards a blossom tree. This is where you'll need to send your harvester next. But be warned: unless you block off that central hill with troops or sandbags, you're going to watch your harvester make every return trip by driving up onto the hill, scouting all along the edge of the cliffs, then going back down the hill and finally turning south to come home. Ooo, don't get me started on harvester steering! I've seen more intelligent maneuvering performed by freshly-beheaded chickens.

Now the Nod base. It's in the northeast corner. One entrance, on its southwest corner guarded by two turrets and an obelisk. There are SAM silos in all four corners of the base. Along the south wall are the airstrip and two power plants. You can also drive along the narrow strip at his north wall to hit his, tiberium silos, and more power plants. But Nod usually parks a mobile artillery near this northern wall which can hit you repeatedly as you drive by.

For those of you who don't think the "prison/sandbag" strategy is cheating, then choose this mission, Romania, instead of Slovenia when it's time to select level 10. By building sandbags up the northeast valley, you can quickly reach his one and only entrance and block him in before he gets more than just a handful of troops onto the battlefield.




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