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GDI - Mission 11 'Greece'

Mission Objectives
Intelligence operative, code-name Delphi, has info on Kane and a new bio-research laboratory. After landing on the beach here in Corinth move north to make contact with him. Nod will attempt to stop you. You must reach Delphi!

EDITOR'S NOTE: You need to break through the wall at the east end of the Nod base and move a unit next to the cliff that Delphi is on to trigger the helicopter to come.

Bill Seurer (
First, immediately follow the coast to the right. Ignore the turrets. You'll run into a tank but your 6 grenadiers should handle it without a problem. Follow along the cliffs to the right (they wind a lot) until you hit the crops. Set up your base there.

Send the 6 grenadiers slowly to the SE. There are some bazooka guys just across the river. Kill them and move just far enough to see the fields.

Build a refinery first, then a Weapons Factory, then a Barracks. Build tanks and APCs as fast as you can. Line them up diagonally NW of your base. You may want to build a sandbag line out a bit and build a couple of guard towers too. Build a repair platform ASAP. Repairing a tank is a *LOT* cheaper than building a new one.

You'll be faced with hoards of flame-thrower guys at first. It is impossible to defeat them without tanks backed up by APCs or guard towers. Their flames don't hurt tanks much and the APCs will chop them up. Put a few infantry in front of the line of tanks and APCs if there are still some alive.

After a while the attacks will die down a bit. Send an APC across the river to the NE and explore that area. You'll see the Nod base up on the hill. Move the APC up to where it can fire at the SAM site and let it hammer away. Yes, it won't really do anything, just leave it though.

This will trigger another flood of Nod attackers. By now you should have 4 or 5 tanks and a like number of APCs. Line them up with tanks in front in a line straight south from the river just south of the Nod SAM site. You will slaughter the Nod guys as they come. I find putting a few grenadiers in front works even better but they do tend to get toasted.

**IMPORTANT** Be sure to cycle your damaged vehicles back to the repair depot.

Take any extra tanks you are producing to where you left the APC and kill the SAM site and any adjacent buildings. The computer will kindly keep building new ones for you to kill. Keep at them. The buildings are power sites and once all three in your range are shot up the Nod base will start to fail.

Gradually move the line to the west until you start seeing the Nod harvesters and your tanks shoot at them. This will trigger another Nod wave which by now will be a piece of cake to slaughter. Your tanks will kill off the harvesters quite handily and they rumble past.

Eventually you will notice that the attackers are reduced to a dribble of infantry. Now is the time to attack! Sell off all the buildings of your base and rush the dozens of infantry that will produce up to the "front". Load them in the APCs. Send one humvee or APC to run all the way through the Nod base and spot things. It may get toasted by one of those laser towers.

Send all your tanks against the laser tower and mix in the APCs with the trailing elements. Once the tower is gone unload the infantry and attack whatever Nod units show up with the infantry and APCs while the tanks hammer at the Nod barracks and airfield. Once those are gone it's all over but the mop-up. I sent in an APC full of engineers that took over 5 buildings, which I immediately sold.

I build a couple of Orcas but didn't find them that useful in this scenario. 4 more tanks would have been much better.

What a minute, where's the guy you'll supposed to rescue? He'll appear on a plateau in the NE corner once all the SAM sites are gone. A transport chopper will appear to pick him up.

And what about those turrets by where you first entered? Ignore them.




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