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GDI - Mission 12ea 'Albania'

Mission Objectives
A GDI base is under siege in this region. Dr. Moebius is trapped in the base. Move in, grab Moebius, and then a transport helicopter will be sent to you. Get Moebius into the transport. Make sure that there are no SAM sites in the area or else the transports will be useless.

Yannick Asselin (
In the upper left of the map there is a crate containing 2000 credits.

David Tong (
This one is actually very easy. Repair everything, then send all your forces except the APC to the bottom left corner. Cross the river, then head North to the bridge.

  • Park the Mammoth north and to the east of the bridge,
  • Park the APC next to it,
  • Park the Rocket Launcher south and to the west,
  • Park the medium tank on the bridge.

Eventually a harvester will come to try and cross the bridge. If it's to the north it realizes that it can't cross, so waits to the west, within range of the rocket launcher. Destroy it. After you destroy a harvester NOD will send a tank or two and a few bazookas. The tanks and APC makes mincemeat of them. Repeat this until he stops sending harvesters (he can't afford them).

In the meantime, build 5 engineers. Sell the hospital and the heavy weapons factory. KEEP THE REPAIR UNIT. and use it often. Send the troops round to the bridge.

When you're ready, advance the mammoth slowly until you can see the wall of the base. Make holes in it. Now send all the grenadiers and minigunners against the left hand obelisk. It will fire a couple of times, and then he will sell it! Kill the troops who come out of it. Now do the same thing to the right hand obelisk.

Use your tanks against his vehicles, and send in the engineers. From then on it's a mopping-up exercise. Take out all the SAM sites (there is one in the top right hand corner) and the chopper will come.




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