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GDI - Mission 12eb 'Bulgaria'

Mission Objectives
A GDI base is under siege in this region. Dr. Moebius is trapped in the base. Move in, grab Moebius, and then a transport helicopter will be sent to you. Get Moebius into the transport. Make sure that there are no SAM sites in the area or else the transports will be useless.

Kevin McQuire (
There may very well be a more elegant way to do it, but I sold off all of my buildings, built as many tanks and engineers as I could afford (plus the bonus cash crate up near the northernmost SAM site) and then charged the Noddie base en masse, concentrating on getting my engineer-laden APC near enough to capture the construction yard, the hand of Nod and their tiberium refinery. By the time this had happened, I had taken out the Nod death rays and their units. The only thing you need to take out are the SAM sites, though.

Jeff Powell (
That's what I did. One APC full of minigunners to draw the death rays while the 2nd APC full of engineers shot around the airstrip and unloaded without taking a hit. From there it was a race for the construction yard and the hand of Nod. Sold the yard immediately, started repair and flamer building on the hand. Piece o' cake.
The key to scout with your hummers. Don't worry about the turrets your faster than their shots just look out for the laser towers. Make some tanks and hummers after they stop attacking your base ( don't leave the base until this happens your guard towers make quick work of tanks and infantry when backed up by your vehicles) and go to the very top of his base with about 3 or 4 tanks and maybe 2-3 hummers and an APC ( with some engineers). At this point blow away the wall then hammer the powerplants with you tanks. He will send infantry to stop you but your hummers should keep them away from the tanks. Once the power stations are down roll the APC into the base and take over stuff and sell it.

Make sure you keep repairing your vehicles don't lose any!!!! There is also a money crate in the top left corner near the SAM site and the turret.

Once all SAM sites are down GDI will send another chopper. Also use your Mammoth tank as the point tank since after battles it will heal itself to half way.




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