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GDI - Mission 13ea 'Yugoslavia'

Mission Objectives
Delphi's info decoded and Kane has been found. He is overseeing experiments at a Bio-research facility in this area. Destroy facility while we have him cornered. Build an Advanced Communications center to access the new Ion Cannon. It will greatly assist you in your objective.

Howard McGee (
Level 13ea was the best level in the game. I started out by moving everything from the south east corner to the south west corner. I built my base there. Then I quickly got 2 harvesters going. Then built comm. and advanced comms. The barracks and weapons factory. Then a third harvester.

By this stage I was earning more money than I could handle. I built a large force then took the small base above me. I captured his refinery and 4 silos(when full). Sold them he rebuilt them I captured them again. By continually repeating this I was able to build 10 advanced comms. and still have 60000 dollars. With the endless supply of $$$$ I built a sandbag wall to lock him in his own base. Blasted him with ion cannon and rockets. Till I walked through his base with bells on to mop up and destroy the research base. The mission took over 7 hours but scored over 1100 points.
I loved this mission.




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