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GDI - Mission 14 'Yugoslavia'

Mission Objectives
We have learned the path of evacuating Nod forces. They are moving through this valley. Cut them off so that they can't rejoin the main force. Attack and destroy all the vehicles in the Nod convoy.

Indramin Darmadi (
I used the formation below :
T = medium tank
M = mammoth tank
R = rocket launcher

Use the mammoth tank as the shield and always move a bit by a bit. When you meet a bridge, park the tank formation below the bridge, facing to the left. Map with the humvees or APC. For the flame thrower, just send the two tanks to take care of them. With no casualty (100% leadership) and 100% efficiency, you should be able to reach score 1500.

Joe Pantuso (
If you clear the whole map but still can not finish the mission, you have missed some stealth tanks. There are at least six.




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