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GDI - Mission 15ec 'Bosnia/Herzogovina'

Mission Objectives
The Temple of Nod has been located. We are sure Kane is there. Destroy him, the temple, and any other remnant of Nod that exists there. Nod has been rumored to have completed its own nuclear device so it's do or die time. Let's do it!

Radiation (
When you first start out, move your mcv right next to the NOD comms center and build your base. Get your tank that arrives and kill off the invading NOD guys. Then use the apc full of engineers to take the NOD structures (the power plant and comms center). Once that is done, build up a pretty big base.

Build an attack force of about 5 mammoth tanks and two APCs full of engineers and some missle launchers for the infantry. Invade the smaller NOD base in the NW corner from the top, taking all the buildings. Once that is done, fix up that base and take the remaining mammoths south along the edge of the map.

You will come to a river and then go across the bridge . There will be a cliff overlooking the Temple of NOD, an adv. power plant, and maybe an obelisk. Attack the Temple of NOD. When the first bullet hits, they will launch a nuclear missle at your guard towers of your NE base, try to sell those off so the missle is useless. Finish off the Temple with your mammoths and maybe an ion cannon if you have it ready. Now you can build up a gigantic force without worrying about them getting nailed by a nuke.




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