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GDI - Mission 2 'Estonia'

Mission Objectives
Defend your position, deploy the MCV, then build a sizable force to search out and destroy the Nod base in the area. All Nod units and structures must be either destroyed or captured to complete objective.

Build the MCV next to the barracks. Build a power station. Build a 2nd barracks. Crank out 20 to 30 minigunners. Group the minigunners into groups of ten. Scout the surrounding area using one of your hummers, but do not engage the enemy. If you come across soldiers, run your vehicle to your infantrymen to drag the enemy into an ambush.

When attacking the base, it is best to form a two pronged attack. Have 1/3 your men attack from the west, and 2/3s of your men attack from the south. Move your engineers behind your main force. Have them capture the construction unit, the refinery, and the powerplant.

Do not capture the refinery until the enemy harvester has returned to unload. This way, you capture the harvester as well.

Destroy the remaining structures save for one tiberium silo. Build two more tiberium refineries, and tiberium silos as needed. You want to harvest the map clean of tiberium. Once all the tiberium is harvested, sell all the buildings for cash, and destroy the last remaining silo to finish the mission. You should end the mission with over 20,000 credits. Half of these funds will transfer to the next mission.




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