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GDI - Mission 4ea 'Belarus'

Mission Objectives
Nod has captured classified GDI property. You must find and retrieve the stolen equipment. It is being transported in a shipping create. Use the new APC to strategically transport infantry through Nod forces.

Mark Willoughby (
Explore in one turn, scrap the mission and start again. Load up the APCs and sprint for the base. De-bus south of the river, and try to take out the tank and the troopers. Once this force gets trashed, use the reinforcements to mop up the rest of the troops, and steal the crate back.

Take advantage of the extra range the APCs have to avoid the Nod troops where possible. Hopefully once you get trashed in the first attack, the Noddies try to launch a counter attack which you sidestep, and fulfill your mission.

Not too much fun this mission IMO. Although I did use this quick and dirty strategy.

Lemming (
I didn't unload my APC at all. Just loaded 'em up, and run like hell to the Nod base, tag the carton, and that's it.




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