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GDI - Mission 6 'Czech Republic'

Mission Objectives
Use a GDI Commando to infiltrate the Nod base. **** ** destroy the ******** so that the base is incapacitated. Get in, hit it, and get the **** out.

Andre Pang (
Easiest way I found to do this (and it was very easy!) is after the Chinook arrives, land to the left of the village/flare. With the commando, march him up and left in the pass, so you enter the base from the left. The AI should start sending many troops to attack the Chinook, and your commando will probably get hassled by a light tank or Nod buggy. There is one SAM site southwest of the base by itself; get your commando to take it out, then send the Chinook in to pick him up, and drop him off inside, to the left of the base (the chopper can just withstand two shots from the one SAM site in the southwest corner of the base). Run up and right, and blow up the airstrip.

Matt Ho (
Take out the SAM site on the island to get your transport off. Have the commando run around the edge of the map and take out the infantry and SAM sites on the edge. Bring your transport to your commando by following the path that the commando made. Send your commando at the base. A ton of troops will start pouring out. Pick off the lead infantry to give yourself more time and then run like Hades. The tanks and buggies should come out to chase you. Send the transport in to extract you.

Once you're airborne, fly into the enemy base toward the top edge. A SAM will probably peg your transport a few times ... ignore it and go on ... Drop the dude down and have him dash for the airstrip (or whatever it was ... I forget) and nuke it.

David Hulet (
It's best to work north then east once you cross the river in your transport chopper. Jumping from location to location in the chopper also works well to confuse the patrolling buggies. Once in the base what ever building you take out will not be there for the cleanup mission. It's best to take out the tiberium refinery. AI does not rebuild and so Nod runs out of money quickly!




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