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GDI - Mission 7 'Czech Republic'

Mission Objectives
Previous mission objective not complete. Airfield was to be targeted. New objective: Build up a base and Destroy remaining Nod structures and units. Reinforcements will be provided.

Rick Murray (
Once reinforcements land, proceed due north, continue past the first tiberium. You will find another field. Establish your base just south of the field. Build guard towers(mostly on the north side of the base) and hoard your forces on the south side of base. The towers will handle most all that the NOD will send your way. You will need to destroy the gun turret, which can be found by following the northernmost boundary. After you have destroyed the turret, use what ever you have left to attack the north wall of the NOD base. The purpose at this point is just to open up an easier route of attack.

After building a considerable amount of forces, I used 6 tanks, 5 APCs mostly with grenadiers, 4 Hummers, and about twenty grenadiers on foot. Stage your forces north of the tiberium field which is to the east of the base. Send in the Hummers first. Set two outside and just north of the main entrance to the base and the other two. Use the hole you made in the wall and send to the center of the base mostly as a diversion of sorts. Do not immediately attack the Hand of Nod. Time it out where the tanks and APCs follow the Hummers through the hole. Dispatch two APCs and foot soldiers to dispatch the tanks within the compound( your route of entry leads directly to their parking area). Send the rest of your force on around north and attack the airfield and power plants in this area. This strategy seems to reduce the amount of resistance encountered while attacking this base.




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