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GDI - Mission 8eb 'Slovakia'

Mission Objectives
Dr. Moebius is establishing a Hospital to treat the civilians in the region who are falling ill due to exposure to Tiberium. Protect Moebius and the civilians. Eliminate Nod presence in the area.

Move all units to the southwest. The village is there. There are large tiberium fields to the northeast and northwest that you can mine. Build MCV in the clearing north of village, past the bridge.

Build sandbags around the blossom tree in the village to keep the Nod paratroopers from wrecking havoc. Also sandbag off the eastern bridge entrance to the village. Paratroopers land there also.

Andre Pang (
You might have to blow up some of the tiberium (with the rocket launchers) to the east of the village, since a couple of the stupid civilians tend to wander off into that area and commit suicide. Make sure to repair your rocket launchers regularly in this mission, as you can't build them.




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