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GDI - Mission 9 'Hungary'

Mission Objectives
Take out Nod turrets along shore so Gunboats can move in safely on the Nod base. The Nod base must be destroyed. If gunboats can get in, they should be able to destroy the base with no difficulty. Keep an eye out for the new weapon Nod is rumored to be working on.

Francis Ho (
There is a crate of cash in the southwestern corner.

Dave Glue (
In mission 10 (the one with the first appearance of the laser obelisk), I beat their base by basically using 4 humvee's and 2 APCs of engineers. I used two hum-vee's to map their base, then used 2 more and filled 2 APCs with 3 engineers each. The 2 humvees went in first and drew the enemy away, and when they would out of line I drove my APCs in, unloaded the engineer's and took their airstrip, construction site, and sold some silo's for my own profit, as well as providing some infantry to keep tanks and other guys busy.
Then I started making a mass of gun turrets and destroyed their own base from the inside out.

Engineer's and APCs boys, and hum-vee's for their speed and ability to attract the enemy. That's the secret. Then again, we'll see what happens in mission 12.




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