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Nod - Mission 10ea 'Angola'

Mission Objectives
GDI is developing an orbital weapon. Our spies have told us of a large lake near the location of the R&D center. Find the base, and use the sniper to eliminate their scientist.

Marcus Augustus Alzona :
This took me awhile to find, but in the end it was easy. You start on the (lower) left edge of the lake with just units (Tanks, infantry, commando, artillery, buggies, flametanks). Save the commando. Move your units north, eliminating units as you go. Eventually, near the top-right edge, they'll be a land-bridge south. Follow that. You'll come to the outside wall of the GDI base - the most important thing here is that you can ignore it - try to stay clear of the gun tower. If you stick to the right and go south past the base, there is a smaller sub-base past the base to the south, with the scientist in reach if you have a commando or a tank left.




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