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Nod - Mission 11eb 'Mozambique'

Mission Objectives
GDI has captured one of our technology centers. You must recapture the base and recover the stolen information. Our forces in the area don't have time to find a way across the river, so you will have to control the two forces separately.

Jeroen Kwast (
Forget a great strategy! Use your commando to scan the base to the north. If you do this right your base will become active without actually entering the base and you're ready to build! The first thing to do is make sure your units remain intact, because they can't reach the base without damage. The second thing is to build a hand of nod and an engineer. Recapture the tiberium plant and harvester.

Now you need to do two more things. Use the force in the south to reach the village church and destroy it for a money crate. Use the force in the north + created forces to protect the harvester. While some gdi forces attack the harvester, move the 3 engineers back to the base (while protecting the harvester). Oh! don't forget to destroy the two watchtowers with : created forces or a turret placed close by.




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