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Nod - Mission 13ea 'South Africa'

Mission Objectives
Establish your base, then build and defend the Temple of Nod. All GDI forces are to be destroyed. Kane has ordered you to defend the Temple at all costs, even your own life. Do not allow GDI forces to overrun you.

Andre Pang (
I think I did this mission in a very unorthodox way. Firstly, notice that a transport helicopter lands on the island you start off on. Use your engineer to take over it! Later a commando will appear on his own island (blowing up that church next to him will give you $2000 by the way), and use the transport helicopter to pick him up. If you use the commando to explore to the east of your island, he will be able to see the concrete walls of the secondary GDI base. That base is guarded mostly by bazooka men along the western side of the base, except for two mammoth tanks at the south-west of the base - which is a very good drop off point!

Make around 6 or 7 bazooka men, and transport them along with your commando to that south-east point of that island. Start pre-building an obelisk. Your commando will take out all the troops who come near you, and the bazookas will take out the two mammoth tanks which appear (bazooka rockets can go over concrete walls, 120mm cannons can't!). After you've eliminated the force there, send in an engineer with the transport helicopter, take over the repair bay, and place your already built Obelisk next to it. Watch it take out all the buildings! The base is now yours, and you should be able to take over the weapons factory and barracks, allowing you to build mammoth tanks.

Chee Hui (
I won this end-game by doing something incredibly brave (and stupid too!). Using my transport helicopter, I filled it with a troop of bazooka guys and the one commando dude. I proceeded to land at the left coastline of the GDI base at the top.

I unloaded my troops and used my commando to make short work of the surrounding infantry. I then attacked the nearby tanks and waited for the tanks to roll in. In the meantime, I flew my heli back to carry a full load (with the commando of course) of engineers.

Once all loaded up and repaired, my heli landed on the inside wall to the left of the weapons factory. I unloaded one of my engineer immediately and right away, asked my chopper to take off and return to base for repairs. The advanced guard tower station there is a real pain. But it will begin shooting at the factory once you took over it.

Once done, my heli took off again and proceeded to land at the same place. I unloaded my engineers and took over his barracks immediately and started making grenadier units there. I then took over his refinery and sold it immediately to furnish my funds while I made grenadiers. Once the guard tower is gone, I constructed a line of fence all around to keep out those pesky tanks which by then had rolled over my troops. It took 3 successive tries before I got this timed right. Phew!

From then on, I literally drained the computer of funds by proceeding to take over his refinery (with the harvester) which keeps getting rebuilt next to my barracks. I timed my engineer movement just right, so that when the refinery is in the earlier stages of building, my engineer was halfway in. I then sold off the refinery and the harvester for a handsome profit of about 1000+ credits (compared to the price for producing engineers).

Of course, others might say this is stupid but after 10+ takeovers, the computer was drained of money. How did you know ? Everything you attack will be sold off by the computer.

It took me 3+ hours to complete and the feeling was great because I was churning out Mammoth tanks inside their base and using it to destroy their nearby yard. And all done without the nuke! 8-)
I literally fenced out the GDIs for my second yard and was harvesting in absolute peace.




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